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Thread: Confused on some of the foods... Isn't Bacon, Bacon?

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    Confused on some of the foods... Isn't Bacon, Bacon?

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    Ok, so I have spent the better part of the day trying to figure out this Primal Blueprint lifestyle and it's something that my wife and I want to do. Problem is where we live we don't have any Whole Food like places. I keep reading stuff like using Bacon. Then I see people using uncured bacon. Isn't Bacon, Bacon? I know maple bacon etc is going to have sugars but can't I just go up to the Meat counter and say give me a pound of bacon? Or is it the wrong kind? Also what about meats? Chicken, Sausages, and beef. How do you know if it's Grass fed or steroid? Also almond butter, oils etc. Is this something an Albertsons would carry or am I going to have to go drive 100 miles to a Whole Foods type store to get some of the stuff needed for this PB? It seems like this diet is built around a store like a Trader Joes or something. Am I way off base here? Is this stuff I can buy at the local grocery store like Albertsons or am I gonna have to make some long trips and stock up? Any help would be appreciated..

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    If you don't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes near you can go to a Costco. They sometimes have organic grass fed chicken and ground beef. They also tend to have some fruits and vegetables that are certified organic. Look into your local farmers markets for organic veggies/fruits. You may even find some farms that sell grass fed beef/pork and chicken that you can buy from. If you have the extra storage you can also do a cow share and buy a 1/4 cow that you and your family can use throughout the year if frozen/refrigerated properly.

    I rarely shop at Albertsons anymore (they renamed it here to its former name of Lucky's) because most of their produce/meats are laden with pesticides and antibiotics. The one's in my area don't even have a butcher and all the meat is pre-packed. You can tell if the meat is grass fed/organic because it will say right on the label.

    Also for bacon there will be a huge variety you will come across. Most people talk about WF and TJ bacon because they have brands that have no antibiotics/hormones. The Willshire brand that sells at WF doesn't have gluten/soy/sugar either. I think Willshire is sold in other stores aside from WF.
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    People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.

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    I have the same problem. I live in south Korea. There is no whole foods or trader joes here. I have been attempting to just eat the best I can with the food that is available. I could buy bacon here but I don't because of the nitrates and the salt content. I just got with the basic cuts of meat (whole chickens, ground beef, pork) and go from there. I can't go to a store here and get liver, lamb, soup bones, fat to render etc.

    Others from this site have recommended getting lean meat because it isn't organic and supplementing with fish oil. I haven't started doing this yet because fish oil where I live is over 40$ a bottle. However, if you live in the States, I am sure its a lot cheaper.

    Also, most things you can order online. So if you want organic this or that and it isn't available near you. You can probably find it cheap online/free shipping depending where you order it from.

    If I didn't live in a one room apt. in the middle of a city I would attempt to also grow my own veggies. Plus I really enjoy gardening, however, yeah, not an option for me right now.

    So yeah I totally understand you. Trying to eat healthy is really super hard if you don't live near these places.
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    It sounds like you might live really far from a major metropolitan area--so why don't you go straight to the source? Farms could be abundant where you live and if you buy in bulk you could get a great price on meats etc.

    The important thing is learning the kind of questions to ask. With meat especially, bio-accumulation (the concept that you are what you eat--and what your meat eats--because toxins store up in the flesh of your food) is really important to consider.
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    Best case scenario: you hook up with a local farmer or two who raise grassfed animals--chickens, eggs, beef, lamb--and veggies, and can get stuff direct from them.
    A local feed store or craigslist would be a good source for finding such a farmer. If you have a freezer, that's an economical way to do it.

    But people have gone primal on dorm meal plans, travelling from hotel to hotel, on an unemployment budget. It doesn't have to be fancy, and it doesn't have to come from Whole Foods or TJs.

    As for bacon, frankly, I'd suggest while you're starting out you just get what you enjoy, and eat it. As long as you're committed to ditching sugar, grains, & processed foods, and willing to play, sprint, lift, get lots of sleep and generally enjoy life, the details will work themselves out over time.

    Do what YOU can afford, what YOU can live with, and what YOU like to eat. Some of us don't eat coconut oil or eggs. Others don't care for bacon. Beer creeps in for some, others don't drink. Its your life. Read the book, and leave the minutiae for a month or two down the road...or never!

    If Albertsons doesn't have what you want, they can certainly get it: customer requests for organic this, or wheat-free that, have helped reshape the aisles.
    If you get into the spirit of the thing, the details will sort themselves out. Have fun, enjoy!!

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    I'm new to this myself but wanted to chime in. I am not always able to get the good organic foods here where I live either (that will change soon with an upcoming move). I decided, like the above poster mentioned, to just do what I could to get started and focus on learning more. As I get more settled in and understand this Way Of Life/Eating better I will make changes. I don't do coconut oil or milk because I really cannot stand coconuts, even when super fresh from the tree (yes, I lived in a place where we could just get them from the tree; a real PITA to open though). I do cheese and nuts, others do not. My way to thinking is I am doing the best I can FOR ME RIGHT NOW. As time goes on I will learn to bake with almond flower and tolerate honey as a sweetener. (For now, avoiding anything sweet except super dark chocolate as I really don't like the taste of honey.)

    Don't set yourself up for failure trying to be perfect. As Mark says, go 80/20. By not being perfect, I have lost fat, lost inches, gained a better night's sleep, gotten a bit stronger, played more and just generally felt more healthy than I ever had before. And it's only been 22 days!
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    Like others have said, do the best you can. I do not generally eat grass-fed meat. The only place I can get it is the farmer's marker. That worked great when I had W/Th off work since they are only open on Thurs for 4 hours. Now, there is no way. Same with bacon. One grocery store sells the nitrate free. If I go there, great. If not I eat 'regular' bacon.

    Produce - organic...nope. I've found that there are very few produce items that I can tell the difference. Am I ingesting a ton of pesticide? Perhaps, but I wash the dang things and ate them for 35 years without dying so I'll take my chances. I recall seeing somewhere (I think it was Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t) where a lot of organic produce comes from China. Yeah, I trust that it's organic - not.

    So sure, if you have access to farms, farm fresh produce, and all that then go for it. The more natural and unprocessed the better. If not do the best you can. I'm far healthier now I eat store bought meat, veggies, and butter than I was eating fast food and processed crap.

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    eating foods that are organic, grass fed, cage free, etc. is the ideal. don't worry too much if you can't find or afford some of that stuff. just following the PB in terms of focusing on veggies and meat, and cutting out grains and sugar, will make you miles healthier than someone eating the standard american diet (SAD). those rarer, more expensive meats are better in terms of overall health, omega ratios and things like that, but if you stress about them then you are missing the bigger picture of the PB.
    hooking up with a local farmer would definitely be the best, but you can also order plenty of good food online at places like U.S. Wellness Meats or Texas Grassfed Steaks.
    if you can't get the grass fed meats, try sticking with leaner cuts or trimming the fat (that's where the bad stuff is mostly) and you'll still be doing fine. this is what the 20% is all's not about cheat meals, it's about aiming for a 100% and knowing it's okay if you don't quite make it.

    bacon...i say just eat whatever, just don't eat a ton of it. we're definitely bacon pushers here, but it's kind of not serious.

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    Kris C has it right. It took me quite a long time to get all my resources set up to get the types of meat that I want. Do your best and stay on top of the research to find the best quality meat but realize that any steps you are taking towards Primal are the right steps.

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    Honestly all I would worry about for the first month is eat meat, veggies, some fruit and nuts. Eliminate grains, legumes, sugars and highly processed foods. Don't worry about grassfed/organic/omegathis/that. If you are already a big veggie eater, no worries, if you arent start with veggies you like and each week try to add a couple new ones.

    MANY of the "specialty foods" are carried at standard grocery stores, but it depends on where you live (Oregon...almost every store, Indiana....not so much). While you are in the "dont worry about the details" phase start to explore the stores you do have and see what is available. It's a good time to look into CSA's which is a way to get local farm fresh usually uncertified but organic produce (most are taking subscriptions now). Find out about other resources in your area (farmer's markets, road stands, family farms.) You might be surprised. I was surprised to learn one of the largest suppliers of pastured pork in Oregon is about 4 miles from my home.
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