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Thread: Just tried my first green smoothie...

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    Just tried my first green smoothie...

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    My wife is starting to get more and more on board with me which is really making me happy. She saw a site that had some Green Smoothie recipes on them and wanted to try them. It's not something I'm going to be drinking much of because I have a lot of weight I need to loose and am not ready to add too many fruits into the mix yet but I have to say it was very tasty

    We used 2 bananas, 6 strawberries, two hand-fulls of spinach and two cups of water.

    I've seen some other thread posts about Green Smoothies so I was wondering who all drinks them and what are some other good recipes that would fit a little better into my weight loss stage?
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    I did that Google search and it had so many good links I thought I'd just paste the search link for you.

    I'm looking for a good avocado smoothie recipe myself.

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    I don't post to my blog often but since you both asked about green smoothies, specifically ones with avocados in it I thought I would link to my smoothie recipe category.

    I used to make smoothies often then stopped. Starting this week I am going to make more smoothies and will publish more recipes on my blog. I am planning on creating a smoothie recipe e-book again.

    Let me know if you try any of the recipes and what you think of them!

    Here is one recipe:

    1/2 C Coconut Water
    1 Peach
    1/2 Avocado
    3 Cinnamon dashes
    Top with Ice
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    Try this:

    1 cup of coconut milk
    1/2 avocado
    1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
    2 teaspoons of maca powder
    1 handful of spinach
    1 banana (optional; I add this in PWO)

    If you like things on the sweeter side, double the amount of blueberries.
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    I use coconut milk, honey, cinnamon and flax seed as the base of the smoothie and just throw in whatever fruit I have at the time. Today was honeydew melon and blackberries. Have them once a week-ish.

    It's a good way to use flax seed as the blades break them up - supposedly makes them digestible. Also gives it a nice crunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grok View Post

    I did that Google search and it had so many good links I thought I'd just paste the search link for you.

    I'm looking for a good avocado smoothie recipe myself.
    My husband takes avocado with milk and Truvia, blends it up and it is delicious. Not sure if you drink milk or are looking for something fancier, but I love this recipe because I love the clean sweet taste of avocado and it really brings it out.

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    I just made this. Yay?

    It was really good, but today I just made one of the best smoothies I ever had.

    2 small oranges peeled
    1 apple cored
    1 large avocado
    Spoonful of goat butter (sounds weird I know lol)
    1/2 spoon of sunflower lecithin
    Heaping spoon of Maca
    Heaping spoon of Chlorella
    Some cinnamon

    Then I juiced a head of romaine, half a bulb of fennel with the tops, and a carrot.

    Added all that to the blender. It was so damn good!

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