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Thread: Lunges for the knock-kneed?

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    Lunges for the knock-kneed?

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    My kneecaps turn in just a bit. Trainers and instructors have always been unhappy with my form in lunges and similar exercises because my feet must be turned out slightly -- about 15 degrees -- to keep my knees aligned with my toes. I would still like to include these exercises in my workouts. Are there any other PB enthusiasts out there with this problem? Has doing lunges with your feet turned out caused any injuries?

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    I don't think I share the knocked-kneed trait with you - but single leg exercises are a key part of getting your body to work properly.
    Maybe focus on mobility warm-ups (hips and ankles) and do your work in bare feet so your body has a chance to line itself up.
    Maybe you don't have any issues you can't fix?

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    It's a genetic trait. I can wear Cho-Pat straps to keep my kneecaps from wandering, but as far as I know there's nothing I can do to change their angle. Regarding my hips, they are actually quite lax, which has sometimes caused problems.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, slowcooker. I think the roller could help with some tightness in my IT band at the hip insertion point. The knee thing, though, is a different issue.

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    Lunge regressions - primarily step ups (low at first) and lunge pattern holds (perhaps with something like an 'archer pull') should allow you to build some strength in the movement before progressing onto the more dynamic lunges. Heavy/high volume work with your current foot position could well cause some problems but everyone is different.

    And, as I think you already know, myofascial release with the roller would probably increase your laxity so I would avoid it at this stage.

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    Thanks, Coach Palfrey. I did some step-ups yesterday and didn't feel like I was torquing my knees, so I will continue working on that.

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    Check out Eric Wong's article about valgus knee:

    And part 2 for the cure:

    and read the comments to see what the exercises did for me. (The one he did at the 4-minute mark is the one that particularly helped me.)

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    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

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    Trying doing some bodyweight squats with a band around your knees. It forces you to push your knees out, and work on strengthening your hips so that your knees don't drop. Once you have that mastered start working in lunges.

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