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Thread: Reality check: Counting calories

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    I would recommend counting calories, if only to find out if you are underconsuming which is what it sounds like. You might not have an eating disorder, or never have had one, but I argue that growing up in our society, it is hard to escape disordered eating habits. We overeat, we undereat, sometimes consciously, sometimes not; but rarely do we find our optimum levels without tuning out external signals.

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    Calorie Distribution / Restriction
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Hi Georgette,
    From what I've seen in your posts and journals, you look like one of the people I called The Switchers in my original post. It's a magical and wonderful transformation and I wish you the best with it.
    Thanks Paleobird. I did Body for Life back in 2006-2007. I lost about 50 lbs give or take but I never felt as if I were doing anything good for me. I was constantly bloated all the time. Now I don't feel that way at all. I also know that I could weigh 210 lbs and be a size 10 and I'd be ok with that. For me, a size 10 would be the smallest I have seen in my life since I was 11. Hopefully you will find that "magical" click and things will go well for you. Good luck hun!

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    OK there have been a lot of comments about increased physical activity.

    My typical exercise week is this :

    1 long hike day (10-12 miles)
    1 sprint day
    2 LHT workouts (Level 3 squats and push ups, level 2 planks,level 1 oh presses and pull ups)
    lots of walks with my dog
    2-3 times a week 1 hour on mini-trampoline
    pull up practice 5x week

    During July-August I add bodysurfing and free diving and I get my kayak out on the water when warm enough (no kayaking jokes, that's the *other* thread)

    I am considering adding a second sprint day to the mix and am doing my darnest to move up in the LHT workout levels.

    Any other suggestions?

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    That's plenty of exercise, I wouldn't add any more unless you really want to for the sheer pleasure of it.

    I guess the heavy lifting is the only thing and is the thing that makes the biggest difference to women of our age from all I'm reading - I do a weekly session with the free weights, deadlifting 50 kg for 5 sets of 6 reps, the 6th is really hard, using a kettlebell 8kg for some squats through overhead presses! This has increased my muscle mass for sure but I still have more body fat than optimal (or I'd like and I've gained it over this winter). I think smaller portions at every meal is the way I'm heading and I do think your IFing could be an issue for all the reasons people have listed above. Certainly eating at the end of the day doesn't allow the body much chance to utilise it all before you sleep. Try the lunch and dinner routine with the lunch larger than the dinner for a bit and see what happens!
    Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    PrimalWannabeGirl everyhthing you say refers to the past. Now that you are primal what's the situation in terms of intensity and frequency of your workouts and the state of your weight and physique?
    Clarification: I was primal during the last 20 lbs and two years. It took that kind of nutrition PLUS all that activity to get me down to that really lean, muscled energy-to-burn place.

    What happened was I overtrained. During a time period when both of my teens developed life-threatening illnesses, I kept going to the gym whenever I could. I broke. I developed severe spinal stenosis and needed two extensive operations to decompress my spinal cord and stabilize my spine. I was in constant pain for 18 months. Out of frustration and despair, I chucked the good diet when I needed it most and gained 60 lbs.

    I finally stopped being in pain about 6 months ago (also much better at eating primally!) and have lost about 10 lbs. I can walk and enjoy walking but plantar fasciitis is limiting me right now.

    So I've switched from the really-fit getting uber-fit crowd to being a fat, mostly sedentary middle-aged woman with health problems.

    There you have it. Thread hijack over..

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    OK General consensus seems to be this:

    1) IFing too much could be problematic
    In an effort to get away from the CW diets that mandate 3 meals +2 snacks or the sky will fall in, I may have taken it a bit far in the opposite direction. Perhaps a happy medium of 2 meals a day would work.
    The argument that IFing doesn't really work much unless you are male or a heavy lifting female is persuasive.
    Portion control would probably be easier to do with more frequent meals.

    2) increasing physical activity could definitely be helpful. Perhaps 3x/week LHT instead of an extra sprint day. Hmmmmm. Fine tuning to be done.

    3) be careful get all the other stuff right before going for calorie restriction. Very true but I really do think I am pretty much there. Other that the minimal/infrequent indulgences mentioned, my whole life is one big Whole 30. My carbs are minimal, protein and veggies plentiful. I do have to consciously make myself eat enough fat (and may not succeed sometimes) but then I am still kind of "up in the air" about the argument made by some more hardcore paleo advocates that primitive humans' game would have been much leaner and therefor we Primal types are just kidding ourselves about the need for so much fat because we don't want to give up our bacon. I go back and forth on that question.

    4) concern for potential disordered eating/ body dysmorphia issues. Thank you for the concern but no, that's not me. A 44" rear end on a 5'10" woman is too big and 180lbs is too heavy. Not obese and not even massively overweight but still larger than optimal for health (and yes, vanity. Nothing wrong with wanting the LGN factor as Mark says).

    So we seem to have come down to a couple of things: (First of all thanks to all of you. It's good to know I'm not the only one in this boat.)

    PB is great as a maintenance mode but to be effective for weight loss either workout intensity has to increase dramatically or calories have to be cut. I am not willing/able to work out that intensely but I can and will take what I do up a notch. But that still leaves some calorie counting. Not obsessing, not starvation, just some control a bit more strict than "eat when you are hungry, stop when you aren't".

    Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your input.

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    yeah, i mean, i would think it's fine.

    my deal would probably be to just increase how much you LHT on the LHT days first, rather than adding a day of it. And, that takes time -- and so also do the results. You've been at it 4-6 months at most, so i wouldn't worry overmuch. Maybe not LHT like batty or whomever, but you can increase the LHT side of things in what you DO. you know the levels, you just keep working at it.

    or, maybe if one is working body weight stuff, you just. . . well, you just do more (as in adding the third day)? I don't know, htough. i just think more intensity on the two days should do ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I am considering adding a second sprint day to the mix and am doing my darnest to move up in the LHT workout levels.
    My suggestion would be eat more to give you more energy and start pushing yourself harder with the PBF workouts.

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