OK, it’s time for me face reality. PB is a great, healthy WOE but it will not lead to weight/fat loss in my case unless I get down to some serious calorie restriction.

All this talk of, “Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are not.” “Throw away your scale”, etc. sounds soooooo nice but it just isn’t cutting it.

I’ve been around the boards here since last fall and I’ve observed some people for whom the PB works.

The Switchers: People like TawFunGuy and Dave Parsons who were seriously overweight and made the Big Change. They couldn’t help but lose weight from massively SAD diets to PB. I admire the heck out of those guys.

The Healers : People who are here for medical reasons such as celiac, PCOS, hypo thyroid, eating disorders,etc.. Weight stabilization is a pleasant side effect of the healing they find. More power to them.

The Uber Athletes : These are the healthy young studs/studettes who want a WOE to complement their tough workouts so that they can see every one of the six pac muscles clearly. This works for them. Cool.

Then there is me. None of the above. Just a lady coming up on 50 who would like to lose some weight. No major health problems and not a huge amount to lose, (30lbs) but no desire to revisit the uber athletic days of my youth. I have always been health conscious and physically fit. I don’t think that some brown rice and tofu did me any irreparable harm. Not optimal, I understand that now, but not really that awful. I never did eat junk or over eat sugar or carbs. I have never had an eating disorder, I don’t have cravings or binges. I am very compliant with PB eating rules. I sleep well, get plenty of all natural vitamin D and include lots of play in my life. I eat tons of veggies, no processed junk (I mean Zero) lots of PB approved proteins and fats. Dairy free, legume free, minimal nuts and berries. I am almost always good about following the PBF workout routine. And I IF for 24 hours about 3-4 times a week. I’m doing everything “right”, right?.

I have come to the conclusion that my body “likes” having an extra 30lbs of spare fat and is going to keep it around unless I do some serious caloric restriction.

About Batty’s thread which I so adore, Yes, body composition has shifted around allowing me into a smaller size jeans. But I am not buying the “muscle is more compact than fat so you should ditch your scale” argument. At the levels I’m working out, I am not packing on pounds of muscle. Batty is a different story. They don’t call her workout room “Batty’s Basement of Doom” for nothing. My PBF push ups, pull ups, planks, etc. are toning things up a bit so the size 10s fit and I’m loving that. But the reason I’m not seeing falling numbers on the scale is not because of muscle mass gain although it would be reassuring to believe that and keep eating my bacon.

Then there is the question of if I really need to lose 30 lbs or if some chart just says I do. I don’t care about charts. I know what I look like naked and it’s not what I want to see. Also, even though I am healthy now, I would like to prevent the health problems that can be a result of excess weight down the line. (Also I am not one of those size 2 people needing help getting to size 0. I am 5'10" and 180 but I would like to be 150)

I have read Taubes and understand that there are good calories and bad calories. But there are still calories and too many of them, even the “good” kind and weight loss is not going to happen. I realize that the “calories in-calories out” thermodynamic explanation for weight loss/gain is over simplified but still calories DO count. So I am going to count calories. They will all be PB approved high quality calories, but I will restrict the quantity and see how it goes.

I hate giving up the idea of never having to weigh or measure anything again (food or myself). That freedom is one of the most appealing things about PB. I think it does work as a maintenance mode once you are at optimal weight so I can look forward to coming back to it eventually.

Thoughts? Insights? Flames?