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Thread: interval training ideas?

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    interval training ideas?

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    Hey, I don't have an awful lot of equipment but I need to come up with some good workouts to shred some bodyfat off of my body. I need them to be very, very simple and take limited space and equipment.

    Things I have:

    Gymboss interval timer
    door frame pullup bar
    20lb and 25lb kettlebell
    yoga mat
    a bit of floor space (not a lot tbh)

    Anyone have any simple interval training workout ideas with what I have on hand? Or links for websites that post interval training workouts. I follow the crossfit WOD's but often they seem like they require things I don't have.

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    I think you are set. Do kbell snatches with your 12k. If you are brand new to kbells you probably should start with swings to get your form down, but the snatches will be ultimately better. If you are just starting you might do something like 20 secs on 1 min rest, but as you progress you can add rounds, add time and decrease rest. Eventually you can do 30 secs on, 30 secs off for 10-30 rounds... you will be dripping sweat. If you don't feel like lifting weights then burpees and/or check out Zuzana's workouts.

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    I am starting a new workout, I am basing on the simplefit concept and adding some more lower body stuff to it, so I did 20 minutes of:
    1 chin-up
    6 jumping lunges (there turned to normal lunges by the end, I may take them out or just do 4 next time)
    5 squats
    2 push-ups
    5 glute bridges w/ kettlebell
    (2 days later I still feel pleasantly sore)

    The next one I have planned is: 4 rounds of
    2 chin-ups
    10 squats w/ k-bell
    6 one-leg deadlifts w/ k-bell
    4 push ups

    Another day, I do some of the primal blueprint fitness movements (handstand, planks, etc.) w/ some turkish get-ups and tabata k-bell swings.

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    Zuzana posts almost daily home workouts on youtube and at http//

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    Workout 1
    Burpee/KB Swing Ladder
    Start with 10 swings/1 burpee, 9 swings/2 burpees, 1 swing/10 burpees

    If you feel froggy you can come back the up 2 swings/9 burpees, etc.... to 10 swings/1 burpee

    Workout 2
    As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes (AMRAP) of

    10 kb swings
    10 pushups
    10 goblet squats with kb (or BW squat if you don't know how to do a goblet squat)
    10 burpees
    10 leg raises or situps

    Workout 3

    Tabata based 20 sec on/10 sec off (each cycle is considerd one round)

    20 rounds (each odd numbered round is burpees)
    1. burpees 2. flutter kicks 3. burpees 4. pushups 5. burpees 6. BW squats 7. burpees 8. plank hold front 9. burpees 10. situps
    Rounds 11 - 20 repeat rounds 1 -10

    Workout 4

    21 minutes (7 rounds) of

    a) 2 min on treadmill
    b) 1 min of kb swings

    Increase treadmill pace and incline as able

    Hope that gives you a couple of ideas. I have hundreds of these workouts. If you'd like more just ask.

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    Thanks! I found the site yesterday and it looks absolutely ideal. I'm thinking I just need the dip station she uses to do more of the workouts.

    I guess the challenge for me is learning proper form myself in my basement and then getting to the faced paced intervals.

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    Some sample workouts you could try:

    1.) 5 Rounds of: 30 kb swings; 400m run
    2.) 800m run; max pullups in 1 min; 600m run; max pullups in 1 min; 400m run; max pu's in 1min' 200m run; max pu's in 1 min (start your run right after the min of pullups)
    3.) Crossfit Cindy: As many rounds as possible in 20 mins of: 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats
    4.) 8 Rounds of: 15 Goblet Squat (hold kb to chest with both hands and squat); 8 L Pullups (hold feet out in front); 4 broad jumps (i'd say 6 ft. or less depending on how much space you have).

    Things you can do with a KB:
    1.) Clean/Clean+Press
    2.) Snatch/Squat Snatch
    3.) Swings/one arm swing
    4.) Figure 8's (look it up on youtube)
    5.) Slasher/Slasher to Halo (
    6.) Goblet Squats
    7.) Farmers Carries
    8.) Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (start with wide stance; kb in between feet; grab kb; drive through heels, keep back straight; stand up fully shrug shoulders, and bring kb to chin)

    Things you can do with a pull up bar
    1.) Pullups/L-pullups/kipping pullups/butterfly pullups
    2.) Toes to bar/ knees to bar

    Things you can do with your own bodyweight:
    1.) Squats/Jump Squats
    2.) Lunges/Jumping Lunges
    3.) Box jumps (jump on to something stable about 20-25" off the ground)
    4.) Lateral Jumps (jump over an obstacle) side to side
    5.) Broad Jumps/Long Jumps (jump as far horizontally as you can)
    6.) Pushups/Clapping Pushups
    7.) Handstand Pushups
    8.) Situps
    9.) Flutter Kicks

    Be creative. Try and use variety. Do two of three of the exercises (doublet, or triplet) in sequence in rounds. Keep the intensity up = don't rest or move slowly). Keep it functional. Have fun and challenge yourself!

    Hope this helps!


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    All you need is an interval timer. It will virtually kill you. Brutal.

    Edit; Beaten.

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    are you looking for indoor workouts only?
    if so, i think burpees are amazing. i can't do them anymore, and i'm sad now.

    but, if you're willing to get outdoors a little bit, just bang out some sprinting sessions out in a field (can also be done in snowshoes)...or go ahead and give this a try

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    Quote Originally Posted by nopie View Post
    Thanks! I found the site yesterday and it looks absolutely ideal. I'm thinking I just need the dip station she uses to do more of the workouts.

    I guess the challenge for me is learning proper form myself in my basement and then getting to the faced paced intervals.
    You could make that dip station with PVC piping pretty easily, or if you start looking at things slightly differently, you may just find it somewhere.

    Steal an old lady's walker, is what I'm saying.

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