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Thread: Need help with base building

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    Need help with base building

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    I would like to get back into running. I love to run and miss it terribly. I have not done any running for ~3 years, my base is zero. I do not have a specific goal other than to start building a base/increase my aerobic capacity. My runs will be a combo of run/walk at first. Once I transition to running the entire workout I want to focus on low miles done very slowly. What would you all suggest that I use as a gauge for keeping my heart rate at an appropriate level. Do I really need to strap on my heart rate monitor? If a HR monitor is the way to go, what formula should I be using to determine the appropriate rate to build endurance?

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    I'm doing basically what your doing at the moment with my running. Doing run/walk mainly. Just purchased a garmin 305 to
    track distance, heart rate, speed. Phillip Maffetone has a website that suggests a 180- age formula along with other specifics for low heart rate training.
    Also here's a forum I found Lots of advice there on low heart rate training.
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    I personally am not a huge HR monitor fan, I think it divorces you from paying attention to what your body is telling you. Spot checking now and then is one thing, being dependent on a gadget to tell you how to run today is quite another. (and very not PRIMAL!)

    Learn to run easy. This means you should be able to carry on an animated conversation with your workout partner or the voices in your head. You should be able to sing along to music. You should finish your run thinking you could have gone SO much faster and SO much farther. You should remember looking around and enjoying the scenery, not plodding along waiting to be done.

    While you are learning to listen to your body if you want to spot check with a HR monitor once in awhile thats fine. If you have a huge pace difference between when the HR monitor is telling you how fast to go and how your breathing and body tells you then you may need the tool, for awhile.

    Every single formula out there is based on the AVERAGE population, not the individual. Which is another reason I believe in listening to your body.

    RunningAhead is an AWESOME site and you will get some great advice there, but you need to keep in mind that the great majority of people at RunningAhead train to race. Those on the LHR training forum, for the most part, are following a plan that has then use relatively low heart rate training as part of an overall year round training and racing plan. Many of them are incoporating Maffetone techniques for the purposes of marathon training. Their mileage and goals are different.
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