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Thread: Primal Parents - How do you do it?

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    Good point Rebecca. Sometimes I think I shove sugar into my mouth just because I'm now an adult and I 'can'.

    My 10 yr old has free reign, but he knows how we eat and what I'd pefer that he eats, but he knows I don't deny him anything. I see that he's starting to make healthy choices on his own and he's proud of his efforts and choices!

    The 3 yr old? Well, he'll eat what I tell him. His babysitter takes him to McD's! :-( I really need to pack food for him, but between work, Football, cooking, household chores, sleep....well, let's just say that I'm lucky to have semi-clean hair today, let alone pack lunches for my 3 yr old's entire day.

    Maybe I can create a list of what I'd prefer that she feed him? Problem is, the other kids will have fries, when he can't.

    I wish I didn't have to work!!!! :-(

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    I really struggle with this as well. I have a 7-yr.old son who loves starchy carbs (bread, cereal, crackers, popcorn, etc.) and absolutely will not eat vegetables. On the plus side, he loves meat as well, but grocery shopping with him is a challenge. I'm the mean mom who won't buy him all the crap I used to buy, even though I still buy him some "healthy" versions of the snacks he loves.

    On the one hand, the longer I'm living Primal, the more I'm thinking of all those snacky foods as poison, and like Tarlach said, I sure don't want to poison my own child! On the other hand, my parenting philosophy is noncoercive, meaning I'm not comfortable with forcing him to eat or not eat certain foods. Also, I don't think it's respectful to just unilaterally announce, "Hey, from now on, you can't eat that stuff anymore, and if you don't like it, too bad."

    My plan so far has been to gradually reduce the amount of starchy, sugary foods I buy (I already cut out several), keep offering primal foods no matter how many times he declines, and keep modeling and explaining the primal life to him.

    So...slow, stealthy, brainwashing is the plan in this house.

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    Pellegrina, I love that "slow, stealthy brainwashing"! That's great! LOL!

    I think one of the best things is to be an example for your own kids. My kids are seeing me go from overweight and carb-addicted to being "way more fun", as they say & much more active. It's helped them not to want to eat as much sugar & that's pretty good.

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    At the grocery store, make it into a game. Tell your children to be "food detectives" and to find the healthiest foods. Have them look at the labels on junk foods and point out what makes them "bad." You can also have them prepare some of the food with you. Ownership really helps!

    Also, for meal preparation time cut down, try using the crock pot occasionally. It's always nice to come home to dinner being ready.

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