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Thread: 4 days in and i'm starving

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    4 days in and i'm starving

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    Just started going primal and i love it so far lost 7 lbs my energy is great and generally feeling really happy...Only thing is at night especially i get so hungy even after i eat. I"m eating 100% percent primal and eating plenty of fats. aslo my sleeps been worse. can i chalk this up to my body adjusting or should i be concerned? thanks

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    and its wierd its more of a hunger pain in my stomach

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    Were you heavy-grains before? It's probably just getting adjusted to the way you're supposed to eat.

    Consider drinking more water if you're really hungry. Or eat more. :-)

    You'll do fine. Don't freak out, but 7lbs is a bit extreme for 4 days. Some of that is water waste and you might see some of it come back. It's not a sign that you're doing anything wrong ... just throw the damn scale out the window!

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    Are the 2 related? The lack of sleep and being hungry? If I stay up too late I find that I get hungry just from being awake. Also the lack of sleep is very common once going primal. People recommended magnesium supplements and I've been taking that. But also, it goes away eventually and if you were sleeping fine before, you'll sleep fine again soon. But magnesium is still good.
    Also if you're hungry at night, it's okay to eat something like a piece of protein with fats. I use to eat Macadamia nuts before bed. I don't anymore..also something that'll go away.

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    Sounds like carb flu-ish symptoms. I had the same thing. Kinda felt like hunger...kinda felt like low level heart burn. Took about a week or two to get over it. It will pass.

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    Eat a snack before bed. Should help w/your sleep as well. There's no need to go hungry...
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    i was def high carb before. and of the 7, 6 came off the first night def water wieght. my non sleeping has to do more with the hunger pain kind of keeping me wired. oh and water wieght how do you lose that? through urination?

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    If you are hungry, why not eat more? Maybe you aren't eating enough.

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    When I first started it altered my sleep...I had more energy and "seemed" to be able to sleep for 4 hours or so at a time.
    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
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    If you're hungry, I find that a Big-Ass Salad of non-cruciferous veggies topped with berries and a few nuts, with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar really helps to fill the stomach.
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