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Thread: Stress + Carbs?

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    Stress + Carbs?

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    Is there a nutritional reason people crave carbs when they're stressed?

    Or is it all just comfort food from when we were little?
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    I remember reading something about this. It's most definitely true. I think part of it is that carbs activate the pleasure centers of our brains, making us feel calm. Chocolate is especially effective for this.

    There are other reasons. I simply cannot remember.

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    I don't know the answer, but I can tell you that I was feeling blah and irritated yesterday since it's that time of the month and I'm bored, a few pieces of chocolate really calmed me down. lol I was able to stop and put the rest of the bar away, but in the past I would have eaten the whole thing and looked for more.

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    Carbs slow your body down, like getting sleepy after a big italian meal...maybe it's just a psychological desire for the "slow down" effect? It would be interesting if it were somehow chemical too.

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    hmmm. Like many questions, I don't know the answer - but I like that this made me think!

    OK, for me I think there is a strong "pull" from associations with comfort. BUT as I still crave sugar/carbs when PMS strikes - and I now rationally and emotionally reject "sugar" as a duplicitous evil bastard of a substance that woos with the promise of comfort then delivers misery (glad I got that out of my system)..... I am left with the serotonin answer. It stimulates pleasure sensors. Chocolate is literally a drug, a mood enhancing drug.

    So, I think my overall answer is - "both"

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