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    I think the case for primal eating being healthy is very good, and I have tried at times to pursue it. What I feel torn about is the fact that this kind of eating cannot be sustained with the world population as it is. Even the author of Neanderthin, who espouses a similar diet, admits that not every one, globally speaking, will be able to adopt this eating style. Is there somewhere in these forums where the question of equitable use of world resources is addressed? Please don't think I'm blaming. I just want to know if and what people think about this topic.

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    I'm replying to my own post to apologize because, though the few searches I'd tried hadn't netted me any results on this topic, I just found a thread that does discuss something like this. Sorry! But, if you didn't find it either, and want to comment here, I'd welcome it. TX.

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    There was a thread a couple of weeks ago "Maybe the whole world should be more Primal?" that touched on these issues.

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