Meh, I couldn't think of a really good catchy title

Its been almost a year but I'm finally making a journal. My goals in regards to Primal:
-Get more energy
-get mah groove back
-shrink a size...
-get rid of my stupid stuffed nose. If I could cut the damn thing off I would.
-pull-ups. One day. I need some place to do them.
-Successfully IF
-get into ketosis...maybe...I dunno.
and because I forget:
1)eat lots of animals, insects and plants
2)move around a lot at a slow pace
3)lift heavy things
4)run really fast every once in awhile
5)get lots of sleep
7)get some sunlight every day
8)avoid trauma
9)avoid poisonous things
10) use your mind

Going to try to be a little stricter on this, because I slack on almost all on a regular basis.

So far today!
1) I had coffee with lots of whipped cream and stevia. Thats it. My tummy isn't happy but I'm not hungry. I mean, my stomach is growling but I don't have the "OMG I NEED FOOD" thing going on. I better eat before it does.
2)Nope. I don't work today and its -27c. Moving slowly will consist of housecleaning.
3)I have 2 kids that like to be carried. They may or may not be lifted today. I will do my arms workout today though.
4)I did the tabata workout for youtube :you have 4 minutes
5)HAHAHAHAHHAH*gasp* HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! /wipe tear from eye...*chuckle* HAHAHHAHAHAhaha *coughgagcough*
6)I'll play warcraft later, does that count?
7) -27c. I will take vitamin D per usual
8)I'm staying inside, so trauma avoided!
9)we'll see...
10)looking up information about Budwig mix for a customer, reading up on L-Tyrosine and L-Glutamine, looking up information for a customer about ProArgi9(L-arginine supplement) and her particular health maladies. So yes, lots of brain using today. Also trying to keep 2 little girls from killing each other.