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Thread: Calling all Females who have dropped bodyfat.....

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    Talking Calling all Females who have dropped bodyfat.....

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    I thought we could start a thread males welcome of course but mainly for females who have lost bodyfat, how did you do it ie what was your diet like and you exercise?

    I think we could all gain some inspiration from this and my give us some ideas on how we can further tweak our diet or exercise to achieve our goals. I am particularly interested in females that didn't have alot of weight to loose, mainly bodyfat and body composition.

    I seem to read through this forum and find most women who have alot of weight to loose seem quite successful but for me personally who is not overweight but just needs to loose bodyfat, am finding it very hard to achieve and even feel I am putting on weight so I would just like to see what works for other people.

    I am primal and I train in case anyone wants to know.

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    Hey there. I leaned out by cycling my carb amounts (high on workout day, medium, and low on rest days). I competed in a "beefy bikini" contest last year and it worked out pretty well. I stayed away from fruits and nuts though. Whole foods, but I ended up using protein powder to get enough protein in since I have a hard time eating a lot of meat in one sitting - my belly just can't handle all of it!

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    Since going PB in January, I've lost about 7 pounds of pure fat. I think most of it is diet related, since I've actually been exercising less since that time, having given up my endurance running for the most part. I hike, walk, do circuits with sprints and body weight exercises, swim, yoga. But now I have a knee injury and it's such a big bummer, because I know I need to start adding muscle. I lost a ton of muscle after having my daughter 18 months ago and I miss it. So while I'm happy about the number on the scale, I'm not the most thrilled with my appearance. As soon as my knee is healed up, I plan on doing some good muscle building.

    Oh, for what it's worth I'm 5'4" and weighed 134 at the beginning and now weigh 127. I think before I settle out, I will probably lose a few more pounds and then gain a few when I'm able to get back into training.
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    I don't weigh, but have lost 2" from my hips and 1.5 " off my waist since Nov 2010. Approx 125 lbs at 5'6".

    VLC works best for me (20 net carbs). No fruit, no sugar (as of today!), no nuts, but plenty of dairy.

    You can see my FitDay & my journal for food & exercise info.

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    I`m a newbie and my goal is to get rid of the flab. I don`t have alot of it but I have enough lol. I want a well defined lean body. I`m 46 as of today, 5'7" and 144 as far as the scale goes.
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    I'm already little, and always was, but I was getting frustrated at my constant hunger and about ten extra creeping pounds. When I started primal, I weighed about 125lb and now I weigh about 118lb. I'm about 5'3''. I expect to lose a few more before, and then I hope to build muscle.

    Before I went primal I was vegetarian and had horrible sugar cravings. I ate 'heathily' most of the time, but there was never a day without some kind of treat. However, I was pretty active - ran about 5 times a week and cycled to work each day.

    Now, I run maybe 1 times a week, depending on my energy levels. I walk 5-10km about 3-4 times a week, occasionally more often, dependings on what I've been doing. And I do 20 minutes of relaxed cycling each day to work. I do bodyweight exercises every other day, but sometimes get lazy.

    Regarding my diet...some days I'm 100% primal, but most days I'm probably about 85%. Also, I've had several instances of binging, when I've gone out with my friends. However, things are getting easier and easier, so I try not to worry about it too much. I'm going to do the Whole 30 challenge in March though, to tighten things up a bit!

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    sarahz - I am in the same boat as you and have been thinking for some time about starting a similar thread! I know it's great to read about the massive amount of pounds lost but for someone like us who many not even have "pounds to lose" just fat - it seems to be a different ballgame. I don't weigh myself very much but I'm 5'6'' probably around 135 lbs? I am not worried about weight but specifically losing body fat too as you have mentioned. I know I don't get enough physical activity (It's usually a long cold winter where I live and I don't like to go out in the cold!) so I do better during the summer but I am hoping some more folks will chime in too to answer your question! I know cutting out refined sweets has helped me, however I'm not perfect and if there is a birthday or get together I am liable to indulge. Still trying to fine tune myself! Appreciate all the answers so far - GOOD THREAD!

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    I've only lost about 3 lbs since the beginning of January, the first month was up and down all over ending the month in only .8lb loss, but .5" on chest through gut measurements. So far this month I've lost another .25" off all measurements from waist through thighs.

    I eat fairly low carb, except when I really feel I need it, then I'll have some potato or white rice, very small non-grain cheats. I quit tracking my food earlier this month, only once every 5 days or so, but when I do I find that I'm eating close to 2000 calories most days with 50-70% fat, 25-35% protein and the rest is non-grain carbs. I exercise fairly light: 1-2 days running 2-3 miles depending on if it's by myself or pushing my 3yo in stroller, 1-2 days yoga, 1 day LHT and sprints.

    I'm 33, 5'6" currently 161lbs.

    33yo, 5'6", 158lbs, size 10 jeans

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    I'm in the same boat. I'm 5'4" and around 125 lbs. I don't necessarily need to lose weight, but there's some fat that needs to go. I've been primal for almost 2 years. I'm not sure why the fat isn't coming off. This winter I've not been moving around enough. That will change when the weather warms up. I look forward to hear other responses.

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    Build muscle and track fitness. One day you will look in the mirror and be like wow that's different. Track anything.

    Push ups

    Pull ups


    It really doesn't matter as long as you have progression.

    50 Wall Push ups to 50 Knee Push ups to 50 normal Push ups to 50 decline push ups to 50 clapping push ups.

    You get the idea. You have to break homostasis to get different results and if youre diet is reasonably good exercise is the other piece.

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