Here goes...

I have been reading all the wonderful, inspiring, funny, insightful, and sometimes creepy posts on this forum for a few months now and finally working up to writing my own journal. Hopefully I can keep this going.

I have been introduces to MDA by an co-worker who has gone through an amazing transformation in a span of a year. I was very skeptical about the approach as I have spent a number of years on WeightWatchers with very mixed results and resulting carb dependency. I read all the intro materials and finally bought Mark's book. Started reading with a healthy dose of skepticism, but it made sense to me and I decided to give it a try.

37 yrs old, mom of 2 young kids (7 and 2.5), wife of a carb-fueled husband, keeper of too many pets, full-time employee of a hi-tech company in Silicone Valley, and 50 lbs too heavy.

I have been having weight issues ever since I could remember, but always thought of myself as active - loved hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, but all that slowed down and eventually disappeared with the job/family/kids/household responsibilities/<insert other excuses here>. Constant yo-yo dieter, gone through a love affair with running, a stint on WW where I lost 35 lbs but was constantly feeling hungry and deprived.

Started making minor adjustments in December, but not really committing to anything - mostly learning, planning, figuring out how this will fit with my life.

Major realizations form some of the heavy-duty thinking were:
* I need to make priorities in my life and then make important things happen for me and for my family.
* I need to get everyone in my family healthy, but I need to start with ME, and everyone else will follow sooner or later
* Big changes are hard, small but consistent changes are easier, so I will commit to making a few changes each month. Taking slow but consistent approach.

January: Focused on my food choices. Learning to shop, cook and eat Primally.

Results: A bit disappointed in the weight department (down about 3 lbs, I was hoping for more), but I might be abusing the 80-20 rule a bit too much. It is especially difficult as my husband is not on the same page (although since I cook dinners, he pretty much eats what I make, just afterward tops it off with other junk). Having 2 carb-addicted super-picky-eating kids is not helping, although I have been gradually weaning them off mac-n-cheese and pancake regiment as well. So I am going to continue to refine my act and see how the scale responds.

The bonus last month was that my migraines, that were fairly regular and required prescription medications, were almost completely gone. And now I realize that grabbing something non-primal in my hectic morning while attempting to get everyone out of the door and to their respective destinations in time, correlates to a pounding headache that develops around 3pm. No junk food in the morning - no headache in the afternoon, apparently it is that simple.

February: Time to figure out how to fit in some exercise into my schedule.

Results so far: Figured out that spending 30 min in the gym at work before running out to collect the kids is not going to kill anyone. Worked out how to re-shuffle everyone's schedule to allow me to bike to work once per week (about 9 miles each way). Delighted kids (and myself) by actually chasing them around the playground and playing soccer with them. Finding time to take the dog out for 30-45 min brisk walks several time per week.

Next Steps: need to clean up my act in the snacking department (cheese before dinner, sneaking bits of candy from kids in the moment of weakness, cutting that evening red wine to 1 glass per night). Need to be more consistent with working out.

As a side note, I am now completely horrified with what I feed my kids! I absolutely want to wean them off all the junk food, but how do I do that with my picky eaters? They do not eat meat (unless it is in a hot-dog or chicken-nugget form). My 7 yo does OK with vegetables and fruit, but the little one is very picky. Suggestions? Any moms out there who were able to figure out how to make Primal meals kid-friendly?