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    Hello everyone. I am on day two of eating primal, and although I don't mentally crave grains, I'm not so sure my body doesn't either. I'm listing this under nutrition because I wasn't sure if its something I need to add to my diet. Yesterday was day one which went well aside from the late night headache I got in which I attribute to lack of sleep from previous nights. From reading the PB I'm trying to listen to my body more and not eat just because. Today I haven't truly been hungry. But my stomach has been giving me trouble. I've had diarrhea (Sorry) throughout the day. I am wondering if this is my body sort of detoxing itself which will go away, or is there something I need to add to my diet to help subside this effect. Sorry for the long post and Thank you for any help and suggestions.

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    It can take a few days to get adjusted.

    What kinds of things are you eating? It's a little hard to tell if you need to add anything, if we don't know what you're already having.

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    Just see it as an adjustment period and give it more time. If you were addicted to crack and stopped the crack...your body would still crave it and there would be a withdrawal you had to go through. Doesn't mean that you'd give in and go back on crack just because your body was saying it wanted it.
    For me, I committed to a month of being strictly Primal (I'm not having fruits even) just to see what changes would come about.

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    Food can be in your system for up to 72 hours, so give it a few more days and report back. Also, make sure you're getting enough veggies, they can help your BMs normalize.

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