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Thread: Question for women about PMS, cravings, and hunger

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    Another me too here. I eat us out of house, and home when my courses come around. I crave fat like no ones business. Coconut oil goes down me by the spoonfuls, and almonds must be hidden. I just want to sit around, and shove food in my gob all day long.

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    I'm in the exact same boat. I've been really good with dialing in my calories and carb count as of late but yesterday I was ravenously hungry - absolutely PMS related. Fortunately, I was able to keep my little binge (relatively) primal, although despite adding more protein and fat, nothing really took the edge off. Today was easier.

    Nice to know it's not just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imasin View Post
    Does anyone else have a higher incidence of diarrhea/looser stools during their period?
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    Yup cravings for an entire week here. No fun at all. I broke down and had a Marble Slab strawberries and cream *ducks*. Although it was made with whole milk and fruit and no grains lol.

    I've also tried to start IFing and that didn't help. I'm just going to wait until my special time is over.

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    Yeah I just eat an insane amount of nuts and fish....come to find out our levels of Magnesium (maybe??) are low around that time and I believe that is the reason I crave such things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerLily View Post
    Yes. And I get constipated when I am ovulating. Though didn't notice it as much this month interestingly.

    Ovulation baffles me. I don't know how it is conducive to conception to have ovulation pains and stomach cramps! That day is the one where I say sorry, too sore lol.
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    for what its worth ME TOO all round. Its happened every month since going Primal (maybe it happened before too but I wasn't as "in tune" with myself - and bingeing was a regular occurence). I am approaching my 4th period whilst being Primal and feel a mixture of prepared for the PMS and terrified of it!! I know I am going to feel like a hollow tube, nothing touches the sides!! (and WEARY! working out becomes much harder)
    Plan is - more food, up my carbs (which i have been keeping very low), eat fats and protein and wait it out - knowing it stops quite abruptly helps I think. I also need to plan to keep busy - or the devil will get hold of my idle hands and fill them with sugary evil!!

    Also notice changes in my bowels - but tend to get constipated more than anything. guess we vary in symptoms - but it sounds like we all have the same thing!

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    As soon as PMS hits I don't even go on or near a scale. Blech. Mine started Monday and will last for over a week. I've tred for my sweet to add fruit after dinner. Just keep up with the protien and then helps the munchies.

    Down over 20lbs now, so you can do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imasin View Post
    yeah I've noticed that I am hungrier and need more sleep when I'm having my period, and sometimes in the week leading up to it.

    Does anyone else have a higher incidence of diarrhea/looser stools during their period?
    I just wrote in my journal that it might be a little bit TMI, but I often know I am having PMS because of constipation, but what I failed to mention is that it clears itself up once I start my period. So the short answer to your question is "Yes."

    Funny how we are all so comfortable sharing this sort of information here! :-)
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    I just got off birth control ( about one month) this, currently, is my first period since being hormone free and my hormones are crazy. I seriously think I ate around 4,000cal (+) today. I usually eat under 1500cal a day. The cravings are horrible, I have no energy, bloated, mood swings, basically the whole nine yards. To an extend we are victims of our hormones. Given everything that is happening in my life plus the hormones etc. I figure I better just eat the sugar/grains and not feel like I am starving, constantly looking for something I can't find, and super grouchy. The alternative is going to jail for a mass killing spree.

    Usually I feel really hungry around my period but its controllable. I don't feel too guilty about eating that extra piece of chocolate because we do loose a lot of vital nutrients through, well, the "process". But yeah, this is the worst cravings I have ever felt in my life this week. The other funny thing is that I haven't been feeling full. I have been eating, but not to the point I feel uncomfortable. I just don't feel full... 4000 cal later... still not full. I'm ok. I don't think I will eat more, but I don't feel full.

    I picked the worse week in History to try and go primal. I made it a total of 4 days then well above happened. Going to try not to sweat it. Tomorrow is another day, and the cravings are getting better.
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