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Thread: Is UHT treated coconut milk bad for you?

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    Is UHT treated coconut milk bad for you?

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    I noticed this at a local asian supermarket. It is 100% UHT treated coconut milk in a 1000ml carton.

    I am curious as to what if any affect UHT treatment has on coconut milk as opposed to regular milk?

    Is it safe to use or should it be avoided like the plague?

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    Good question, I found this post googling for the answer! The reason I've been using Kara UHT Coconut Cream is that it has less additives than canned products and seems a good compromise for making your own from an actual coconut. As well I can buy quart sized amounts for when I make ice cream with it. The stuff is really amazing.

    One reason why it may not be bad for you is because the fats in coconut remain stable at high temperatures which is why coconut oil is so great for cooking.

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    Hello. I am not entirely sure as to the effect on the protein caused by the ultra high temperature when processing. I would assume that one would expect to find some protein denaturation due to the temperature along with other pernicious outcomes. I don't think this would be better than making your own just because you can totally control the temperature of your "coconut milk."
    I would just like to point out that real milk is much more superior to any of what that coconut milk can give you. High quality raw milk is highly nourishing as it contains a good amount of saturated fat and probiotics. The probiotic count is enhanced when the product is fermented.

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