The pink elephant in the Primal Blueprint is coffee/caffeine.

You say that low cortisol levels and terrific sleep are the ideal to strive for and yet the PB still advocates for the consumption of multiple cups of coffee a day. why?

Sure there are performance gains associated with caffeine - anarobic, mental focus etc. And yet there are many other drugs with the same benefits. And since when are performance enhancing drugs Primal?

Many people are of the understanding "I am not addicted - I can stop at any time" when it comes to coffee. The fact that they drink multiple cups a day, every day of course standing as ironic counterpart to this notion.

I realize that transitioning to the PB is very hard for obese or metabolically deranged people; however I don't think that allowing unhealthy habits like coffee addiction to continue unabated with the transition to a more healthy lifestyle is the right message to send.

Anyway I could write 5 pages on this subject - it would be great if you could address the pros and cons of persistent caffeine dependence on a blog post. I sound like a broken record on the forums.