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Thread: "Caffeine/coffee addiction and you"

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    The best brewers & makers have used the Swiss process for better than 25 years. Only the industrial roasters--the ones who sell into typical grocery stores--use the alternate, cheaper (of course) process. Decaf is absolutely fine as long as you buy wisely. But then that applies to everything we eat--primal/paleo is always best when organic. Decaf is best when it's water processed.

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    I think The Fast Cat confuses having one or two cups a day with flat out addiction.

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    personally, I quit caffeine. I would only have one cup a day in the morning, but I considered myself a caffeine addict-why? because I needed the caffeine to get through the day. I could only have one cup a day or else I would be up the rest of the night-that's how sensitive I am to caffeine. Otherwise, I probably would have been drinking several cups instead of just one. I used to be able to have one before 3pm and be ok, but at the end I had to have my cup before 10 am. I have quit a lot of things, but quitting caffeine was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I would say it took me at least 4 months to feel normal. I was so completely exhausted-I tried to find help on the internet for quitting caffeine, but there is no literature out there on how to do it (for instance like there is with this forum for eating Primal). I think the hardest part is that coffee is such a social drink-not to mention that it is legal and most people say there is nothing wrong with caffeine-I also found it very comforting-the ritual of it when I got up in the morning. In the last several years, I became extremely sensitive to the processing toxins in coffee, and I was able to find a really great organic brand. That really helped. I have a feeling there is a lot to be written about what non-organic coffee is processed with. Anyway, quitting was definitely something I had to do for myself and my health and I feel 10 times better without it.


    I skimmed the first two pages. That's about enough.
    I drink coffee. I love coffee. Love the flavor. It has health benefits. It improves insulin sensitivity and has crazy-high levels of antioxidants, amongst other things.
    Of all the things in my life that give me stress (cortisol), if coffee is the worst culprit, I'm doing pretty damned well.
    I think someone believing that a food can be all good or all bad is living in a bizarre fantasy world.
    I have seen the evidence for and against coffee, and the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
    Plus, it's damned good.
    If you don't like it, don't drink it.
    Shine on you crazy diamond

    I am on day 3 of no coffee(i already failed as I had 1/3 cup of whole beans french pressed today)...i had to (headache and grogginess was so severe), plus a busy day ahead of me at work. Now i am just going to taper off and hope to not need it anymore. The reason I think this will be easy is because I am witnessing firsthand the physical dependence my body has on caffeine......I do not like the idea of a physical dependence. So cold turkey was a no go, but I think tapering off will help. Just like switching over to primal, i think my body should adapt sooner than later ....hopefully

    naps help if you can squeeze one in early afternoon. Also try and increase your sleep a little. If this is hard upping the exercise could help. Congratulations for grabbing the bull by the horns.
    ad astra per aspera

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    Kudos to TheFastCat: in sum, all is good. :-)

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    I quit coffee the day I found out I was pregnant. It was easier to do than I thought...not sure if the extreme fatigue I had in my first trimester was coffee related or not. Now that it's getting cooler, I would like to have a cup now and then b/c I do enjoy the taste, but once I download this kid I don't think I'll ever go back to the routine of having coffee every morning like I did for decades. It's nice to spring out of bed and just start my day.

    I do still make a daily pot for the hubs who cant function without it. Both the routine of drinking it and the caffeine.

    Decaf anything has always made me very ill.
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    I'm up to around 4-5 cups a day recently; I've found that my sleep is FAR vastly more affected by pre-bedtime internet surfing (bad) versus quiet reading (good) than any amount of caffeine I take in. Every time this thread comes up in future I'm going to try and brew a strong cup and have a quiet chuckle at fastcat tut-tutting my terrible addiction.
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    Up until a couple of weeks ago, I used to drink multiple cups of unsweetened short black coffee. I thought it help me lose fat, but stubbornly I have been having trouble losing fat from my mid-section.

    I started drinking black tea in addition to my coffee, while lowering calories to 1500 per day. By the second week, I was super exhausted everyday. It felt like chronic fatigue, I suffered DOMS constantly. I thought about quitting primal eating and I was stressed about not losing fat despite my efforts, stressed about how tired I felt and stressed about my poor recovery from training, and I was finding it hard to sleep.

    Then I read about adrenal fatigue, and how too much caffeine raised stress hormones. So I went caffeine free for a couple days. This was super hard, I was now tired and head headaches.

    After a couple days I decided to only drink 2 cups max a day, one on wake up and one in the morning at work.
    I noticed my energy returning and stress levels going down.

    Then I read more about adrenal fatigue and saw a recommendation of 2 coffees OR 5 cups of green tea max daily.
    So I am sticking to those guidelines.

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    This thread is an "oldie but goodie".

    Recently, I have quit drinking even decaf coffee since, when I drink it, it tends to be by the pot and not by the cup so there is still enough caffeine involved to be too much for my seizure prone brain.

    Instead I have been drinking this stuff : Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee

    It is a blend of roasted seeds, nuts, roots and grains that brews like coffee and it is really delicious. I never used it before because of the grains in it but recently they have come out with a grain free blend using dandelion root to replace the barley. Delicious stuff.

    Even if you are coffee drinker who would like to cut back a bit, you can blend this in with your coffee to make a lower caffeine level and maybe even wean yourself off the caffeine gradually without the headaches and general grumpiness.

    This product is also non-acidic so it is easier on your teeth.

    I highly recommend it. And, no, I don't work for them, I'm just a good customer.

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    coffee is unhealthy, i know that but i drink coffee because i enjoy that.

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    I am a member of the coffee drinking clan. I own a Moccamaster, by technivorm, brewer; and the fresh Major Dickinson's beans from Pete's Coffee are ground in the burr grinder several times a week. A fresh cup, or three, in the morning is all it takes to make me happy, and life a little better.

    Caffeine, like many other substances, is good and bad - bad in excess - okay in moderation. It has been linked to osteoporosis and hair loss. At 52 I haven't either.


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