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    wow, I can't see people getting so upset with fastcat....its an interesting subject. All of us choose our foods and drinks, here, so no problem.
    That said, coffee is cheaper that cocaine.....I'm kicking back a cappuccino right now, but know I will pay tonite when I try to sleep! mua ha ha..
    coffee is a drug, coffee is a drug

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    I just had a thirty minute nap, and now I'm going to make some chai coconut tea.

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    Historically, addiction is defined as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances eg, alcohol, snuff, heroin and other drugs which cross the blood-brain barrier, once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical environment of the brain.Addiction can also be seen as a continuing involvement with a substance or activity in spite of the negative consequences associated with it.

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    Want an energy booster in the mornings, pre-workout? Jump some rope or something.

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    I love my coffee. Warms my hands in the morning so I can feel people's veins. Good for my liver. Free at work. One or two cups a day, rarely three. Also a mild laxative if it's been awhile. Drink it black, not too hot, all is well. I have mild paranoia that it might be doing a few of the horrible things I've read it can do. But if it is, there are no symptoms in my blood work or otherwise. Tomatoes and red peppers give me muscular twitches, so I dropped them. If I find out coffee is doing anything bad to me, I'll quit. I doubt two cups a day is going to hurt my kidneys.

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    I like drink coffe but i can't drink too much because it can raise my heart beat so i drink once or twice a month, by the way my favourite is capuccino coffe with lots of milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by And43ersonD View Post
    Want an energy booster in the mornings, pre-workout? Jump some rope or something.
    Hey! a spambot quoted me directly and without attribution, wtf!!

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    Every time I happen to see this thread, I've got a fresh cuppa in my mitts. Mmmmm.
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    personally, I quit caffeine. I would only have one cup a day in the morning, but I considered myself a caffeine addict-why? because I needed the caffeine to get through the day. I could only have one cup a day or else I would be up the rest of the night-that's how sensitive I am to caffeine. Otherwise, I probably would have been drinking several cups instead of just one. I used to be able to have one before 3pm and be ok, but at the end I had to have my cup before 10 am. I have quit a lot of things, but quitting caffeine was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I would say it took me at least 4 months to feel normal. I was so completely exhausted-I tried to find help on the internet for quitting caffeine, but there is no literature out there on how to do it (for instance like there is with this forum for eating Primal). I think the hardest part is that coffee is such a social drink-not to mention that it is legal and most people say there is nothing wrong with caffeine-I also found it very comforting-the ritual of it when I got up in the morning. In the last several years, I became extremely sensitive to the processing toxins in coffee, and I was able to find a really great organic brand. That really helped. I have a feeling there is a lot to be written about what non-organic coffee is processed with. Anyway, quitting was definitely something I had to do for myself and my health and I feel 10 times better without it.

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    I skimmed the first two pages. That's about enough.

    I drink coffee. I love coffee. Love the flavor. It has health benefits. It improves insulin sensitivity and has crazy-high levels of antioxidants, amongst other things.

    Of all the things in my life that give me stress (cortisol), if coffee is the worst culprit, I'm doing pretty damned well.

    I think someone believing that a food can be all good or all bad is living in a bizarre fantasy world.

    I have seen the evidence for and against coffee, and the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

    Plus, it's damned good.

    If you don't like it, don't drink it.

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