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    Eh, I went from having coffee with 4-5 spoonfuls of sugar and powdered "creamer" made of who-knows-what, to coffee with a spoonful each of sugar and truvia* with heavy cream when I went primal.

    For me, that was a big step and I'm fine with keeping it that way for now. Coffee is more of an emotional addiction for me than a physical one--I have gone without it with no ill effects, but I'm a creature of habit and I figure that as long as I'm not putting a ton of sugar in it anymore and not drinking a lot of it (generally not more than 1.5 cups per day), it's fine as part of my 20%.

    *I know not everyone approves of artificial sweetener, but it's been a huge help with curbing my sugar addiction and I don't use a lot of it, mainly just in hot drinks and the fat bombs I make for myself.

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    I've been using heavy cream and honey in my coffee every morning since going primal (after I used up all of my crappy coffee-mate). Delicious!

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    I don't drink coffee.

    OP is a dick.

    This is the first time I've found myself in this part of the forum; I thought it was for discussing MDA blog posts, not random weird shit.

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    I'm slowly coming of coffee and all beverages containing caffeine in general.
    My sleep pattern has improved, but I have found if I wake and get up and get going with purpose rather than sitting at the PC or similar my need to drink coffee is minimal. Just a one cup a day guy now :-)

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    I've gone from one cup of coffee with cream to one cup of black tea without. I prefer it, but occasionally miss the kick.

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    I have a few cups per week. But coffee increases cortisol, which can cause wrinkly skin.

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    I recently quit coffee and eventually all forms of caffeine, and I have noticed an increase in the quality of my sleep. It's very subtle, and something I would've never noticed unless I had actually tried fully eliminating it for awhile - and I suspect it is still going to take a couple of months or longer to fully experience any other benefits from going caffeine free, since it was a drug I used everyday for a very long time. Interestingly, the difference between drinking multiple cups per day and reducing to just having one cup was NOTHING in comparison to the difference between having just one cup, or even decaf, to none at all.

    I have to say I was kind of surprised at the hostility towards TFC in this post. I didn't think he was being judgmental or preachy - just suggesting that we all take an honest look at something that's so unquestioningly consumed by many. The kneejerk negative reactions frankly reminded me of people who would freak out at being told wheat is unhealthy so they shouldn't eat it every day. We could find a ton of "inconclusive" evidence around that as well, but we've all been exposed to some of the research suggesting it's not so good for us, thought about whether it's worth eating, and perhaps experimented with eliminating it to find we felt better without it (which is exactly what I did with caffeine). I kind of thought part of the deal with primal/paleo is really taking an honest look at whether what we consume makes us more healthy or less healthy - and if it doesn't make us more healthy, but we take an honest look and decide it's still worth it for other reasons, then cool!

    Caffeine also is absolutely an addictive drug. That some can drink it regularly and drop it with no ill effect proves nothing. I have friends who can recreationally use cocaine sporadically and never come close to becoming addicted. A lot of people I know can easily eat sugar in moderation - I cannot. Most addictive drugs are not instantly addictive to everyone who consumes them (the only one that comes to mind that normally IS is heroin). It requires a combination of physiological predisposition and usually long-term repeated use to become addicted to anything. The fact that that doesn't happen to everyone who consumes whatever the drug in question is bears no weight on the "addictiveness" of the substance. If you're not easily addicted, that's awesome! Congrats, you are very lucky, but your experience doesn't mean it isn't very helpful for others to consider their use of certain substances a little more closely - including caffeine.

    I got the feeling that TFC doesn't care so much if you're drinking caffeine because you just like it, enjoy the ritual, decided the benefits of it for you outweigh any potential drawbacks - I think he just wanted to get people thinking about it a bit more!
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