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    Ladies doing IF and Paleo, what are you eating?

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    I'm trying to obviously lose bodyfat and build muscle. I'm a bit worried about the carbs because I don't want to put on any fat weight. Yet, I feel like now that I'm working out and pushing myself harder I may need some more carbs. Today is my first IF day with the BCAA. I already am feeling yucky, but I think it's because I'm out of the 14 hrs and into hour 15. I'm trying to last until lunch even though Leangains says 14 hrs for women. But back to the point, when I do finally eat how much carbs should I aim for? I've been keeping it around 50-75g a day. Do I need to bump this on workout days maybe? Almost all my carbs come from fruit and veggies (no sweet potatoes, potatoes, or rice, which I've heard some people adding back in for some reason). I get about 15g a day from dark chocolate as a treat.

    I'd appreciate any ladies sharing their experiences with IF in general too. What I can expect. I'm around 20% BF right now.


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    How are you feeling when you workout? After you workout?

    I can do yoga on an IF, but not when I weight train or hike etc. I find 50-75g of carbs more than enough on a day where I'm doing intense activity. On other days I keep it below 50g.
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    It took a few months, but I keep my carbs under 50 and do just fine. In fact, I am dropping them back to 20 net carbs, since that seems to work best for me for losing body fat.

    I've incorporated a 14-15 hour IF into my daily routine (I work out of my home, so pretty easy for me.) My eating window is generally 8:30/9 am to 5:30/6 pm.

    It took me some time to adapt, but I can now easily do fasting workouts. I'm making good progress as you can see in my journal.

    If you are wanting to lose body fat, you may be better off cutting the fruit & chocolate & eating some sweet potatoes/potatoes/rice for carbs. Fructose in the fruit and chocolate can undermine your fat loss. Read Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat for more info.

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    i just recently gave it up, but i was relying on dairy for most of my calories. i liked it, its easy, and the point is not to think about food but eat what you want within primal sense and see how your body handles it. when your first start i would just make sure you eat enough protein and from their figure out what makes you feel best

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    I limit my carbs to 20 per day, and workout in a fasted state. I do couch to 5k, and weights. Some days the elliptical if all the treadmills at the gym are full. I feel fine before and during, but pretty much ready to gnaw my arm off afterwards. I go for protein right off the bat, then I allow myself some carbs. I IF almost daily (7p to noon) HTH.
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Whenever I eat anymore, it's pretty much protein first then the carbs. I do not count carbs but as a guestimate I know I am keeping them under 50g a day. And this is off an IF or just normal eating.

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    Good morning!
    If you're following the leangains focus (I am), then you should be cycling your carbs and fat depending on your day. Rest days are higher fat, workout days (hopefully, this means you're doing weight-training) are a higher carb day. I can PM you the info that has the breakdown for the different days.

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    Hey gurrrlll

    I'm doing a blog about my attempt to integrate Leangains with Paleo. Hit it up if you haven't so you can see me struggle with the same problems!!! haha

    I just cut dairy (massive sad face) but am keeping my protein high, not worrying about quantities of non-starchy veggies, and did just add in 1 "refeed" day to my diet, which to me basically means adding a sweet potato one day a week and keeping fat low on that day.

    I'm sort of struggling to figure all this out, but I'm sure it will come in time!

    Before saying this, let me just point out that some people just don't do well on a fast, so I'm not a professional saying "HEYYY just stick with it!". But I did a solid week of IF before I added in exercise, and I think it helped "prime" me tremendously. Don't feel like you have to take steps back or anything, but if it helps to take a few days and get your body in "fasting" mode before adding in exercise go for it!

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    On IF days or non-IF days, and workout days or rest days, I always do under 25g carbs, sometimes its under 10g. Fasts are new to me but I've been doing them almost daily, now, varying from 15 hours to 33 hours (normally 18-20), with one giant meal a day. I workout both fasted and non-fasted, depending. I don't do leangains, obviously, just my own thing.

    I was toying with the idea of a re-feed, and the 50-75g range was what I was thinking, so your carbs seem "high" to me, but thats relative to what I've been doing all along and what feels natural for myself. I don't think I've come even close to 50 since being primal. How do you feel about lowering the carbs quite a bit? In my experience, the amount of carbs I (don't) eat hasn't been debilitating -- anything but -- so maybe it would work for you too. I see a lot of people here having tubers for workout days but I've never needed that myeslf -- and I cardio, too -- and I wonder if more people eat them than really need to. Who knows, I could be weird. ...But, I got super skinny this way, too skinny, so it works (being active and in ketosis, that is). Its only by a deliberate and conscious attempt to gain some fat back that I got to where I am now.

    I'm also ~19% BF, hoping to fine tune a couple pounds down...

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    I've cut my carbs down to 30g/day (net), 70g+ protein/day, ~1400cal/day, with an eating window of 6 hours (6am to noon) / 18 hours of fast. There's been only one day that I needed to supplement with an evening snack. I've lost about 5 pounds of body fat in the last couple of weeks.

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