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    hey guys, i'm a college student looking into ordering pemmican from U.S Wellness meats. Has anyone ever tried them?

    I'm hesitant because its a 7lb minimum to order from their site and so whatever i get it's going to cost upwards of $90. I'm on a semi-tight budget, and I could use pemmican for on the go times but of course with the price I'm hesitant.

    I could always just ask for them for christmas too.

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    It's expensive, but they taste good. Took me 1 bar to get used to it.

    You can make your own, but that would require rendering a lot of suet, making beef jerky, shredding the jerky and then rending the whole mass into a plausible bar.

    I'd say, it's worth it for a quick, fatty snack.

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    Buy it in the tub, a tiny bit cheaper than the packaged/portioned bars. Making your own works, too. The US Wellness Meats plain (no honey, no cherries) is what I've gotten.

    This guy has a good handle on making your own. I just use game meat, cheap roasts, etc for the lean meat. Usually a grass fed source, but not always. For tallow, I've rendered a bit, but recently bought the 5 gal tub from US Wellness, I sell off a little here and there to fellow Primals to use for cooking/pemmican

    Here is the link:

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