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Thread: Gorillas Go Green: Apes Shed Pounds While Doubling Calories on Leafy Diet

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    Hey! No scaring away the raccoons. I'd much rather listen to him than you. :P

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    This reminds me of that stupid PROFESSOR that went on the all-donut and Twinkie diet to show his college class that weight loss is SIMPLY CALORIES IN-CALORIES OUT. He lost something like 27 pounds. It was one of the most dangerous things I've ever seen and he's a PROFESSOR teaching kids that!

    First off, I can only imagine how much of that weight loss is from displacing muscle for fat. I wouldn't be surprised if the brilliant professor's body fat is higher, resulting in lower weight. Second, if you eat a high carb, high calorie SAD, reducing total calories will initially trip up your metabolism and cause some weight loss. That's why crash diets initially show results but then fail miserably. It's amazing that most doctors, professors and dietitians don't have a clue about proper nutrition, yet they're teaching our young minds how to eat and we wonder why America's fat and unhealthy?

    This is a brilliant article. Calories in-calories out is as antiquated and incorrect as the flat-Earth theory. It's so much more than monitoring your calories. It's about hormone regulation, blood sugar control, quality fats and adequate amino acid consumption paired with an active lifestyle. THAT is what authorities should be teaching our youth. Instead, we're taught growing older means decades on statins and living with Type II Diabetes. It makes me so mad I could scream.

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