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Thread: Coco powder; cocconuts and cocconut milk

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    Coco powder; cocconuts and cocconut milk

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    hello everyone

    I really want to loose weight... should I keep these things as 'treats' for once a week or can I eat them every day... HELP please!!!

    thank you xxx

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    I've never had any issues with them---for me it's the dairy, fruit, and nuts that cause weight gain. I could actually eat grains and be fine but I hate them Anyways, try it for yourself and see? Most people here (myself included) love all things coconut.
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    If you google Coconut or Coconut Oil on Mark's Blog, I believe he has some really good info on the benefits of the fats found in coconuts. In fact, you could just google it on the web and find quite a bit of info. From what I understand, the fats in coconut are basically effective in helping to burn fat. Someone a little more knowledgeable can chime in here, but I also believe the fats from coconut is better tolerated than the fat from dairy, which makes it such a wonderful and safe addition to a Paleo diet.

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    There are lots of tasty recipes around for treats made with coconut flour. I keep them as once-in-awhile treat because it can be easy for me to overindulge in them. But I do use coconut milk (full fat only) as the creamer in my coffee. It took a little getting used to, but now I love it! And I cook with coconut oil - I particularly like frying my morning eggs in it.

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