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Thread: What's in your 20% (if anything)?

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    Mine comes in to meet a price point, for example I had, when out for a day, an organic, gluten, sugar and dairy free chorizo sausage for my lunch, it was awsome, but cost 5, normally I eat chorizo in an omlette or just cold once a week or so for lunch, it costs 1.49 from aldi, it's 95% pork, pork fat and spices, but there is some dextrose in there, which seems to be added into everything processed in the UK like HFCS is in the US. I can't afford 5 chorizo every week, so I figue these small amounts of non perfect ingredients, non organic veggies and meat (UK beef is mostly grass/silage fed, but chickens and pig not so good) are my 20%
    Note: I consider diary to be primal, along with small amounts of very dark chocolate, I don't really have anything else I would want to eat regular as part of a 20%.
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    A small amount of dark choc daily, occasional potato, occasional cornflakes (love them still). never wheat cos it gives me a shocking headache.

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    All meals I make myself are primal, very rarely do I make something that's not. My 20% always goes to socialising - a gin & tonic or a piece of pizza or a cupcake or something. Lucky I don't socialise much ahhahah
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    I consider scotch to be primal and no one can convince me otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NicMcCool View Post
    I consider scotch to be primal and no one can convince me otherwise.
    I do the same with Powers whiskey... and mead.
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    I have only been primal for a week and my cravings, as of yesterday, have disappeared. Or maybe they have shifted? I walked right through the store yesterday and past the things that would normally set me off (baked goods), but I saw some really nice strawberries and I HAD to have them. Couldn't walk past them, bought them and ate the whole thing on the way home!

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    I think I had the last piece of junk food today that I could even think of desiring since I started eating paleolithically about a year and a half ago. It was some fried chicken that was supposed to be the best in the state of Washington. I've had pizza, ice cream, chocolate, milk shakes, pies, cakes, sourdough bread, fried chicken... None of it satisfies after it has gone down the throat. So until I go to another country that has some unique dish, I don't feel any temptation in my area to do anything but eat the best available nutrients...meats, roots, fruits, toots(not), a few nuts, and a few leaves.

    On the other hand, certain "junk" foods are basically healthy, non-gut-irritating, and satisfying even after consuming. Things like lettucewrap burgers or bacon, eggs, and honey.

    It's not that I'm not open to eating more junk food in the future, since I do not believe I am on a diet therefore 20% does not even make sense to me. I'm just not wanting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NicMcCool View Post
    I consider scotch to be primal and no one can convince me otherwise.
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    I consider 20% as whatever tends to make me break out
    When with friends, I let myself have booze and stay away from the chips..
    When I eat bread it completely clogs my nose

    So I really keep it 95-5 rather than 80-20.
    I wish to meet more people I like to balance it more a little :-)
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