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    Do many of you forage for wild food? I was thinking it's a very paleo/primal activity, and was wondering how popular it is among the primal community. I've been into foraging for years and am fortunate to live in the countryside, where there is an abundance of wild food.

    Now that it's almost Spring, I can start foraging again. The nettles are coming up, and there is a huge amount of watercress in the area. Both are also very nutritious greens, and nettles especially can be used in so many ways.

    This year I want to learn about more of the native wild food so I can have a more in my diet. It's a good heathy alternative, and saves money at the same time.

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    I occasionally wander around my office looking for leftover goodies from office birthday parties. Unfortunately, most of it isn't "paleo".

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    I forage when I go up to my childhood hometown in N. MI (I get watercress and horsetail in the woods and sometimes raspberries). My dad used to take me morel foraging.
    Here in Nashville, I get mulberries and apples in my neighborhood. I'm about to start hardcore gardening, though, so I'll be able to forage from my back yard I'm even going to plant a stinging nettle patch!

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    I'm an urban forager, so I mainly get tree fruits like mulberries and cherries. I wish I knew where to find some watercress - it costs a fortune in the store!
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    We were nurturing nettles at the bottom of our garden but my husband made nettle soup and I reacted to it, it made my mouth sore. At the time he was cross with me as I'd spoilt the nettle plan. Months later he admitted it made his mouth sore too lol
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    I have the "Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants" but I admit I never found any I was too fond of. Maybe in a salad mixed with more neutral-tasting greens... dunno.

    It was a lot of fun though! Being able to ID edibles is a neat skill to have.
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    Yep, ever since I was about 10 years old. Reading My Side of the Mountain absolutely hooked me. I am pretty sure I ruined my Mom's blender grinding up acorns to make acorn pancakes with.

    Has anyone read Euell Gibbons books? Like "Stalking the Wild Asparagus?"


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    Acorns, cattails, lambsquarters, thistle, chokecherries - just a few of the things I forage around our property & beyond. What's not to like about (natural and delicious) free food!

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    My foraging consists of getting in the car and going to the health food store, unfortunately. LOL
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    Dewberries, chile pequins, and pecans are plentiful around here. I gather all of 'em whenever they're in season. Last year around Thanksgiving I also found some wild persimmons that were quite yummy.
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