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    Unhappy goodbye eggs.

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    So i have almost always eaten a a fair amount of eggs. When i went primal I ate more than i had before but not by much. Id say i eat about 3 eggs a day. maybe occasionally i have a few extra hard boiled eggs but not often.
    But I can't eat them anymore, i have made them in different ways and tried to enjoy them but i just can't eat them anymore. my body is done with them. i try and eat them and i just cant. and it sucks because i really like(d?) eggs!
    has any one had this?
    i'm hoping a break from them will make it so i can eat them again.

    oof. now i have to find new breakfast ideas.

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    My enjoyment of eggs goes in cycles. Sometimes, I can't get enough and other times I loath them. I just go with it. Thankfully, my enjoyment of sardines seems to alternate, so when I loath eggs, I eat sardines for breakfast and vice versa.
    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.

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    I have never experienced this, and hopefully never will. Take a break then come back to the wholesome egg.

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    That sucks, Kay Exeye!

    You could try morning fasts and just start the day with lunch. That's what I've done to avoid potential egg burnout, because I treat eggs like a snack item. Then in a few weeks, you could try to bring eggs back in and see how you do with them.
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    I have had that problem with brussels sprouts. A good pan roasted brussels sprout with garlic, butter, feta/goat/bleu/gorgonzola and i was in heaven. Now I can only have them a couple times a month. I love them but I just cant enjoy them that often. So far I've been lucky with eggs and I still enjoy them super much but I'll keep you posted!

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    I go on and off eggs all the time. Sometimes I want to throw up just smelling or thinking about eating them (this was pre-pregnancy too), then other times all i want is some delicious boiled eggs for breakfast!
    You could always do a variation of a "turkish" breakfast. Tuna or bacon/sausage, sliced up tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheeses and a cup of strong coffee or their preference, tea.

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    But this is actually a really awesome thing, right? I mean, you are eating well enough and varied enough that your body is telling you that it's had enough of some nutrient in eggs for now....and you're not in a carb-haze that mutes all such information.

    My guess is eggs will rotate back around when your body NEEDS them. In the meantime, you get to try new things.

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    ugh that definitely sucks! You just can't stomach them anymore? What about getting them into your diet without really knowing they are there? After I make chili, I throw a couple poached eggs into my bowl and then mix them around. It adds a richness to the chili that it amazing. Also, the other day I just started layering a bunch of different things and came up with a meal I love. I put 4 over easy/med eggs on a plate (cooked in bacon fat), then pile on grass-fed beef that I sauteed with a whole onion and a whole pepper, top that with some shredded grass-fed cheese, then a whole avocado, and a spoon full of salsa. I call it mt vesuvius. can't really tell that the eggs are specifically in there.

    and if you just can't do them, why not just either fast in the morning or go with some regular leftovers from the dinner the night before

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    Meet Hollandaise and Bearnaise two very well dressed eggs in disguise.
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    I had to go off eggs and it's not as bad as you think. I just had to re-think breakfast. Sometimes I fast, other times I eat leftovers from dinner, but I've gotten into the habit of cooking up a steak every few days and eat some of that with various veggies for breakfast. I love steak so it's been easy to do and keeps me full for hours and hours.

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