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Thread: Primal Crepes with caramelized bananas

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    Primal Crepes with caramelized bananas

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    I made these today for lunch, they were awesome!!! You can use any primal recipe for crepes, I used dragonmamma's: 2 eggs + splash of coconut milk + 1 T of coconut flour. I eyeballed the amounts and used milk as I didn't want to open a can of CM only to use a bit. Make sure it's in crepe batter consistency.

    Now for the awesome part: Cut a banana into half and each half lengthwise into quarters. Lay them on a glass tray, sprinkle some powdered cinnamon, some nutmeg (optional) and place a knob of salted butter on each quarter and stick it under the broiler for about 15 minutes or till the banana caramelizes. Top the crepes with the caramelized bananas and toasted nuts (I used hazelnuts). If I may say so myself, it tasted awesome!! I think a square of melted dark chocolate on the banana would have tasted even better, but I didn't have any at home.

    I loved the slight saltiness from the butter mixed with the sweetness. After you're done eating, make sure you scrape the gooey stuff off the tray - DELISH. I think it's the pectin from bananas.
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    WOW! Sounds like a yummy dessert or an awesomely decadent Sunday brunch. Must try.
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    when i googled primal crepe this came up #1. So, I tried it for Sunday brunch today. I ended up doubling the recipe for the wife and myself. I had a little problem with the coconut flour clumping in the batter and had to run it through a strainer and mash up the clumps. It was still a bit thin so I added 1 tablsp of almond flour to the double batch. Put a little greek yogurt on the bananas, rolled the crepes up, and enjoyed.

    Nice recipe. I am going to get pecans and then toast them to put on the next batch.

    Thanks maba!

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