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Thread: Can't find Organic pork roll, is this good enough?

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    Can't find Organic pork roll, is this good enough?

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    Here's what the label says (Wellshire brand from Whole Foods):

    Pork used raised without antibiotics
    Only 7 ingredients
    Uncured seasoned ham
    No nitrate or nitrite added
    Not preserved
    All natural ingredients, no preservatives

    Is this about as good as I'm gonna find for pork products? I haven't really seen any organic bacon or the like. What do you guys think, what are your standards for meat?

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    Seasoned with what? They can hide things here. Not saying they are though. It can be a hiding source for MSG and sulfites.

    I use to be able to get nitrite free and gluten free bacon and ham but it was expensive so it didn't sell well. Now that it is unavailable where I am I use prosciutto which is just pork cured in salt. Also contains pepper.

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    My standards for meat? Preferably straight from the farmer who raised it. If I have to buy supermarket meat, less than $3/lb and not looking like its about to spoil.

    The $3/lb is about what I pay from the farm gate, but I can't do that all that often. I just can't bring myself to pay more for supermarket meat, and quite frankly I don't have the money to anyways. As long as my freezer is full'ish, if I'm buying meat at the supermarket its only because I fancy something different and its a good buy anyways.

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