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Thread: Weston A. Price vs. Primal - differences and similarities page

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    Weston A. Price vs. Primal - differences and similarities

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    Weston A. Price is mentioned frequently in this forum but I have never seen a discussion of where they agree and disagree. Can somebody enlighten me? Nourishing Traditions is on my reading list.

    Also, any former WAP followers turned Primal, why did you switch, what has been the impact on weight, health, body composition, other?

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    I was eating WAP-style for over a year before turning Primal.

    WAP is basically Primal, with "permission" to eat and many recipes for soaked grains & legumes. There is a big emphasis on "lacto-fermentation" (fermenting or soaking with whey) and other fermented foods like sauerkraut & beet kvass to aid digestion/provide probiotics. Bone broths are encouraged for minerals. "Traditional" diets are the inspiration--though they are definitely agriculture-based diets.

    I switched because my digestion was getting worse and worse the more "properly" prepared sourdough bread I ate. The refried beans weren't agreeing with me either.

    I suspected I was gluten-intolerant, but didn't know for sure until I saw the difference in my digestion/elimination 2.5 weeks into Primal.

    I have lost ~8 lbs of body fat since I went Primal on Halloween 2010. No more digestion problems. Better sleep. No snoring. Fewer allergies.

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    I can't answer in a comprehensive way, but will share a few points of difference.

    I think the biggest difference is grains. WAPF tells you to soak grains to remove the "anti-nutrients" where Primal says don't eat them (in general). Dairy is another difference. WAPF actively promotes raw milk as a "superfood" while many Primal folks avoid it. The thing I didn't get from WAPF was exercise. Dr. Price's research showed that the healthy cultures were not sedentary; however I felt Nourishing Traditions was 100% about diet and didn't do enough to promote exercise.

    My switch was based more on reading Mark's book as well as folks like Kurt Harris (arguments against cereal grains). Within a month of dropping the grains, I had lost 10-15 lbs (which I didn't want to do, but I realized later it was all fat/water). Now I just need to build some muscle.

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    WAP minus soaked/sprouted/fermented grains and legumes = Primal.

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    we were WAPF based, and only ate the soaked/sprouted/fermented grains (sourdough bread). in the US, we ate bread about once a week. Here, we'd moved to doing it once a day. We also ate rice and beans frequently (soaked, of course).

    DH's "damp" (to use a term coming from TCM) was going overblown. he was covered in itchy spots -- believed to be some kind of fungus (could be candida, we don't know), and had all sorts of gluten-allergy symptoms. he went GF, and then after looking at primal for about a week, we went grain free.

    it was easy, and we felt better. we still eat fermented veggies (sauerkraut, fermented salsas), and i still want to make the occasional fermented, natural ginger ale.

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    Dr. Price identified that H-G tribes were getting far more of what he called "activator X" than modern people in his time (1920s). Activator X ended up being fat soluable vitamin K2. He was big on having his dental patients eat pastured butter to get more K2 in their diet and improve their cavities.

    He also noted that these tribes had more fat soluable vitamins in general and that they used particular foods to promote fertility for women. This is interesting as we are now seeing so many women following low-fat diets that are unable to conceive.

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    Dragonfly explains the differences well. I have been WAP for oh... 3 or 4 years? Before switching. I switched cause my teeth were decaying, and I had a feeling that it was the grain and sugar I was consuming. Even when they were natural or properly prepared. I have blood sugar/hormonal issues too, and I felt that they could be nothing but improved by avoiding grain.

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    I like WAP because they are all about maximising nutrient density of the diet and promoting real food produced locally. They are into eating offal and traditional foods paleo man would have preferentially eaten that some paleo people would probably shy away from. I personally think REAL dairy is an acceptable food, especially grass fed butter that is up there with the best fats you can eat from Dr Price's research. I'm lacto-paleo and take a bit from both camps.

    I don't think WAP overly promote properly prepared grains/nuts/legumes, but think people who do follow their advice over consume those foods. Sally Fallon is all about the butter lol
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    I like WAP - and followed that WOE for about two years. I actually felt really terrible during that time - I now know I have sensitivity to eggs, dairy, and nightshades and I was eating LOTS of those things on WAP. I do think that all the fermented foods helped with my digestions and that if a person won't give up grains, WAP would be the next best thing after primal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maba View Post
    WAP minus soaked/sprouted/fermented grains and legumes = Primal.
    Yeah, they are for properly/traditionally prepared agricultural (neolithic) products.

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