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Thread: A push in the right direction

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    A push in the right direction

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    Hey everyone,
    New to the blog...I started Paleo 18 days ago and im feeling really good. However, Im not seeing much weight loss matter of fact I feel some weight coming back on

    Im a 32y/o chic, very active. I spent 13 days in the hospital in Jan of this year and was diagnosed with Celiac disease and severe IBS. I went gluten free and still finding I had trouble and bursting with frustration on what i could and couldnt eat my husband told me about Paleo. Since being Paleo I have no more GI problems and I have so much more energy. Im a paramedic and work 24 hour shifts that can be a little crazy. I have been able to cook all fresh meals at work while watching others fill up on fast food, cakes, cookies and donuts. I find that the smells of those foods are alomst sick smelling to me now.

    Im under 200lbs for the first time in almost 10years do to paleo!! Im at 195 @ 5'7
    I want to lean out and would like to be around 145-150.
    I need to know how many carbs, proteinn, fats i should be consuming for weightloss?

    Yesterday I took in:
    66 grams fat 44%
    82 grams carbs 25%
    102grams protein32%

    Total of 1300 calories
    I use the Fit Day for my numbers

    I limit my fruits and my weekness in almond butter on celery which I have once a day.
    Any help would be great!
    My meats are lean grass fed, fish, and omega 3 eggs, veggies.

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    18 days isn't that much time to see results, Give it a good month before you start really looking for weight loss, and even then it should be slow as you are losing fat and hopefully gaining muscle. The numbers look good, I would strive for just a bit more protein and chill on the fat just a tiny bit. keep those carbs under 100g/day and the weight will come off. The shift work might become a problem for those last 10 lbs as you probably have some cortisol issues if you're messing with your sleep.
    I would also add some kind of weight training in there too. Just something where you lift heavy things for 10-20 min about twice a week.

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    I agree to give it more time.

    However-- Fat is your friend for weight loss!

    I eat about 70% Fat, 20-25% Protein and 5-10% carbs. Your ratios will be unique to you, but I certainly would not lower your fat intake.

    I am leaning out gently--you can read my journal and check out my FitDay for some inspiration. You will likely need more carbs and calories than me, since you are more active. You may need to up your calories a bit--1300 may be too low for your body to release the fat. (It may think it's in "starvation" mode".

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    Thanks!! Some shifts i sleep all night and some not so much. Its only 10 days a month but still thats 240 hours a month.
    i started kettlebells, I do them at work before I eat breakfest and on my off days Im kickboxing, biking, kayaking. Just anything to keep active. I hate setting
    I will adjust my carbs and fats and see what happens. I trying to lean out and gain muscle and strenght for summer because
    Im getting my certification in swift water rescue and high angle rope rescue. At least I hope!!

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