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Thread: Best Blood test for Accurate cholesterol numbers

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    Best Blood test for Accurate cholesterol numbers

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    I know I could find this if I searched but I didn't want to wade through all the posts to find the simple answer.

    I got a letter from where I donate blood. My total cholesterol (non-fasting) is 352. I'm not worried about it but as my wife isn't completely on board with the PB she would feel better if I got a blood test done. I figure it couldn't hurt to make sure all my ratios are good. However, I want do do a test to get an accurate LDL number that tells me what pattern I am and if my LDL is dense or fluffy. What's the best test to have done? I've read about the VAP test being good but I don't know if there are better ones to take. So what's the best test? Thanks!
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    VAP, GGE, or NMR will all measure actual LDL and tell you what pattern it is.

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