Yesterday i went shopping for chicken and pork, first place you can pic the chicken you want and about 15 minutes later they bring it to you. After i chose my chickens, the guy asked if i wanted to kill it (probably thinking i'd say no) and i said sure, just tell me what to do...he held the body and told me to hold the head and cut the throat. After a brief pause to mentally thank the chicken for it's life, I as quickly as I could did what he said and he put the 2 chickens in a bucket to drain.

Today i cut one up and left the other one whole, both are in the oven roasting at the moment, the dogs get the necks, head and feet and i just pan fried the livers, hearts and gizzards.

The very first diffenrence from a fresh chicken and the ones we buy at the store is the colors, yes, there are different colors in a chicken. the fat looks a lot more yellowish and the reds look red.

I like chicken hearts almost on the rare side, just barely done, gizzards on the other hand needs a long time to cook and get soft. Livers i can eat it on the rare side or more well done, since i fried everything on the same pan and at the same time, everything was just done, cooked for just a few minutes.

To my surprise the gizzard were tough when i cut thru the outer layer but very tender inside, chewy, but tender...i cooked everything in just a bit of pork fat and no seasoning and the taste is just amazing.

The roasting chickens are also without seasoning.

I'm definitely making the trip once a week to get fresh chickens from now on...