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Thread: Healthy skin care, perfumes and other products for men?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elorajade View Post

    There are also TOXIC essential oils out there, and citrus can be especially difficult to work with. Just because it's from nature, doesn't mean it isn't dangerous or toxic. Jasmine can cause miscarriage, the citrus family can cause photo-sensitivity and can affect various medications, rosemary can lower blood pressure, lemongrass (phototoxin), verbena (irritant), Cinnamon (irritant), wintergreen (a mere 1/2 tsp can kill a child). I'm sure you get the picture.

    can u provide a source for this info or is it all on

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    Yaaay! I tried to start a topic about this a while ago, and got no replies. Essential oils are such a big part of my life. In addition to wearing them, you can: put it on cottonballs or in sachets for your drawers; I put a few drops on a dryer sheet for my towels and sheets; put a cottonball with oil into your car's AC vent; put some drops into a vinegar rinse for your hair; put them in your bath; cook with some of them; rub behind the ears of your resident dog; use for insect repelling; create a highly erotic bedroom experience (yay); and more!

    Elorajade, your fragrance for men sounds like it smells amaaazing I want to put that all over my man. My fave scents for me are clove, tangerine, peppermint, and lavendar. Sometimes ylang ylang too. I am sadly out of several oils. I want to have a huge collection someday, as part of my ream life.

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    I'm sorry guys but this made me think of this.


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    Hey everyone!

    I've been on a DIY cosmetics kick for a good 6 months now - this site is awesome :

    Lots of great stuff for hair, face, body, makeup, ect. Male and female friendly .

    And if all else fails: Baking Soda works for just about anything. It's like...the duct tape of the cosmetics world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eraserheadgirl View Post
    essential oils for the body, such as sandalwood and musk,
    I find this very attractive. Synthetic perfumes, even the smallest amount, make me sick. But I know a guy who uses EOs, and well, I developed a crush on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrax View Post
    can u provide a source for this info or is it all on
    Cosmetics database is good for your commercial brands that you find in the store. A watchdog of sorts. I'm not sure what they would have in there for essentials. I just enjoy plugging in the newest "all natural" whatevers in there and giggling.

    As for the essentials, go to the library and check out a book on essential oils, natural healing with herbals or any number of sources. There are many many good websites out there that go into great detail about the good and bad when it comes to essentials.

    Otherwise, my source comes from 7 years of research and soapmaking. Not to mention the thousands of years in research that midwives/herbalists and other such people have done. I've also taken various courses over the years to educate myself because I DO use "active" essential oils, not necessarily for thereputic use, but because I do not wish to do anyone harm.

    Our modern medicine has its roots in herbals, and somehow people have this disconnect that essential oils are inert, yet will use caution with a bottle of asprin, Willow bark = asprin.
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    Yes it is a complicated issue, and I apologize for simplifying it based on my own personal research and experience. I'm very familiar with Cosmetic Safety Database, thanks.

    Let me rephrase: MOST artificial fragrances in department store perfumes/colognes contain chemicals that MAY be toxic, whether they contain a drop or two of true EO's or not.

    If one would like to use pure essential oils in place of artificial fragrance, you are correct, I should have said that they should learn about them first, and use them with skill and care. Citrus can be irritating, I know, but for example, I've personally used a couple of drops of Sweet Organge EO in homemade skin butter with absolutely no issue at all. But we are talking a couple of drops in a jar of Shea Butter.

    Everyone has different sensitivity thresholds. What may irritate me to the point of illness - which lasts for days, may not bother others at all.

    I hope that clarifies my previous post.

    I've chosen to avoid skin care product lines and fragrances sold in department stores. I will never trust those products, regardless of how safe some folks think they are. They are ridiculously overpriced and MOST of them are full of synthetic chemicals - and some lines test those synthetic chemicals on animals, too. The entire industry is selling the youth and beauty fairy tale to women, but true beauty comes from within, and youth is merely a phase in one's life.

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    i don't use fragrances really.

    i will put EO in a bottle with some water and use it like an air freshener, but that's about it (i use geranium and sweet orange). and sometimes i use an aromatherapy diffuser.

    i just use coconut oil, shear butter, cocoa butter and almond oil with calendula (for healing skin if it's had too much sun), and avocado oil too.

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    I use coconut oil as lotion. I no longer use a deodorant since they were expensive and the anti-perspirant aspect of conventional deodorants have aluminum that I read could be absorbed into your system. Instead of deodorant I use baking soda which actually yielded much better results. My box of baking soda costs $2 and has lasted me over a year so far. I play basketball, sprint, jog and it has worked better than my conventional deodorant in preventing odor and sweat. And like I said financially it has saved me a little money as well.

    The only thing I use that has chemicals is my SPF face lotion. I use that on really sunny days when I know I am going to be in the sun for a long time. Like when I play golf and my hat doesn't shade all of my face. My face lotion is made by Alba and I get it from Whole Foods and it is advertised as having very little chemicals and no parabens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzan View Post
    The entire industry is selling the youth and beauty fairy tale to women, but true beauty comes from within, and youth is merely a phase in one's life.
    Love this!!
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