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Thread: MARK how do we report Spam?

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    three spam threads this morning

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    Whatever you do, don't anyone respond to the spammer within the spam thread. It just moves it to the top of the list of most recently replied to threads. Ignore it and it will fall off the recent threads list. (Unless Mark deigns to kill it sooner).

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    If you see spam please email me via the contact form:

    I appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you!

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    New way to report SPAM:

    Just leave a comment with the word "SPAM" in the thread that contains the spam. I'll periodically search for the word "SPAM" and will delete all offending comments.

    Thanks for the help, everyone!

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    This might help as well:

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    oh man, I love akismet for my blog... does it work for forums too?

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