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    Basketball Shoes

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    To all the fellow grokkers who love to hoop it up. What type of kicks are you sporting nowadays? All the basketball shoes I have are really bulky and heavily padded. They are much different from my Nike Free's which mimic barefoot running. I know the Free's wouldn't work too well on the basketball court because there just isn't enough ankle support for those hard cuts and awkward landings on other peoples feet. I want something that isn't too bulky but also will be sufficient for playing full court basketball without easily getting injuries. I know some of the old schoolers swear by Chuck Tailors but I never feel comfortable in those and I have tried to play in them in the past. Any other recommendations?
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    i just wear normal b-ball shoes from reebok. I've tried minimalist for sports, it doesn't work for me.
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    I've worn my VFFs without much difficulty, other than the occasional tear in a seam (which can be sewn up stronger than the factory does it).
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    I haven't seen a lot of great options out there. I cannot recall, but I swear there was just an article out discussing how basketball shoes are getting bulkier and bulkier and as a result are being looked at as a cause for some of the injuries today. Chuck Tailors are always going to be promoted by minimalists...and's obvious why. I have a pair, but I've actually never used them for basketball...I used to squat and deadlift in them before I got my VFFs. As far as bb shoes...I have a pair of addidas. nothing overly crazy.

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