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    Being little is all fine and good...until I need to drive! Funnily enough, no-one makes pick up trucks and tractors with the petite lady in mind!

    Lads over the road have the opposite problem - they don't even fit in a landrover!

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    NorthernMonkeyGirl, that funny that you mentioned that. I was watching one of the Bourne movies the other night and I was thinking out loud about the part where Bourne steals someone's car as people are chasing after him and drives off like an idiot. What if the car that he stole was driven by one of us short people? He would at least had to move the seat away. My boyfriend has to do that all the time when he drives my car. That I thought that every single movie that I ever saw where someone steals someone's car, it's always a perfect fit. How very unrealistic

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    Me too!!! 4'11.5"

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