I started trying to follow the leangains approach to weight gain about five weeks ago. I am male, 46, 5' 7", 134, and about 6% bodyfat (according to the Omron body fat calculator that I have). My goals are to gain another 16 lbs to reach a bodyweight of 150, maintaining the same BF%, and increase my strength. I have gained 4 lbs since I started.

Being a hardgainer, I know I have to eat a LOT if I am going to put on weight. (Living primally since last summer has shown me that eating just when I am hungry = no weight gain, even with LHT.) Since Martin advocates counting calories, I rolled the dice and used the Cunningham Equation to determine my daily maintenance calories for lifting and rest days; I found that I need to eat 2800 cals on LHT days and 2600 cals on rest days to achieve my weight gain goal. Rest days/high fat days are easy thanks to coconut oil, ghee, and other tasty treats. Protein-wise I usually eat 175-225 g protein a day. My difficulty is on LHT days when carbs are supposed to be higher: meat and veggies just don't have many carbs. I eat a sweet potato on LHT days, and supplement with whole, big containers of greek yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese to hit my numbers.

For those of you who have followed leangains, some questions:

What carb-foods do you eat on LHT days?
What were/are your daily caloric intakes to reach your goals?
Did you keep your carb intake to 100-150 g on LHT days, PB-style, or just try to average 100-150 g carbs/week allowing for fluctuation?
Any opinion on how I determined by daily calories?

Thank you in advance for any guidance, and let me know if I left out any information that would be helpful to answer my questions.