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Thread: 40-60 Blue Diamond Roasted & Salted Almonds a Day?

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    Question 40-60 Blue Diamond Roasted & Salted Almonds a Day?

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    Day 8 of my Primal Journey...

    I found the easiest way to avoid unhealthy snacking for me is nuts. After I read the "A Week in the Life of Mark Sisson" blog post two weeks ago, where he refers to eating a snack of nuts ["4:00 PM - Snack: Handful of macadamia nuts (20ish)"], I switched my snacking to exclusively nuts - almonds, to be exact, in quantities of 20 at a time. Blue Diamond brand were what the store had, so it's what I bought.

    Never less than 20, never more than 60 over the course of a 24-hour period.

    My short-term goal is weight-loss (5'8"/245 when I started (242 now)/45 YO), and long-term goals are higher energy levels, consistent moods, greater day-to-day core strength & endurance, high activity levels into older age.

    Is this "un-primal" for any reason (processed nature of "roasted & salted," almonds instead of macadamia nuts, etc.)? Should I stop? Reduce? Edit?

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    Well, all nuts that are roasted in oil are roasted in the bad oils you want to avoid -- soybean, cottonseed, etc. So I would eat those only in an emergency (like, on a road trip and they were the only remotely acceptable thing I could get at a rest stop when I was was very hungry). Raw or dry roasted almonds would be better, although far from unproblematic as other folks will surely be on to point out in detail.

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    For weightloss you are going to want to cut out the nuts, lots of carbs and calories for such a small snack.
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    True enough -- 60 almonds would be 1/4 of my planned calories for the day. I think I'd rather have something more filling, personally.
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    ditto...i had to cut nuts out as i was eating too many and they caused me to gain weight. For me, they're just too addictive...

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    hot damn thats a lot of nut eating. if u like nuts, buy some pistachios that are still in the shell. u gotta work harder, and u make a mess u gotta clean up in order to eat them. so u will probably (probably!) eat less.

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    Diamond sells natural almonds and natural almonds with sea salt - not roasted - better than the roasted as no oils are added.

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    Something my local grocery stores just started carrying this week -- Blue Diamond Oven-Roasted Almonds. They're not cooked in oil, but they're still roasted. Unsalted, too. They're insanely delicious.

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    Watch out--I just bought blue diamond almonds (snack pack size--perfect daily serving for me) and thought I was buying the raw kind (nothing but almonds) but got the roasted kind--all sorts of ingredients including *sugar*, *corn syrup*, etc...Not good.

    I like to keep my nut consumption to a quarter cup a day or less personally. Not sure how many almonds that is, but otherwise I notice I start to gain weight. Macadamias are the best choice from an O3:O6 standpoint. But, snacking on nuts are def. better than eating a bunch of breadsticks or cookies...

    Good luck finding the perfect amount for *you*.
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    I'd buy raw almonds and roast your own if desired. 40-60 is quite a lot in my opinion. I would suggest about 24-36 for a 1-1.5 ounce portion.

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