I've been following the Starting Strength workout for the past 3 weeks after it was recommended on this forum. I wanted to gain some muscular weight that i'd lost after illness but hadn't been making much progress for months before that anyway.

I've been adding weight each workout but now I've hit a wall and i'm thinking that maybe it isn't too good for my body. This morning at the gym i started with 80kg squats (my heaviest ever. n.b. I'm only 150lbs) and did two reps and just felt like i was making a mistake, i just felt like it was wrong and decided to have a rest day and start fresh after the weekend. Should i be putting my joints through this much stress?

I guess what i'm saying is that i enjoy the workout but not the weight. Should i keep the same exercises but drop some poundage and up the reps?

Also another point, i added 35kg to my squat. Did i really get that much stronger or could i have probably done it before but was just scared of adding weight?

Thanks everyone