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Thread: the book of meatabix.

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    Yes, nuts are so crack-like! and so easy to overdo. I need to start buying them 10 at a time
    The polar bear is actually Bjork. I can't remember when or where I found the pic, somewhere on the internet..but I cannot stop using it as my avatar.
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    Today was pretty good. Nothing special just thursday the terrible.
    food was-
    1488 calories; 65 carbs ; 69 grams of fat ; 138 protein. yesss to going over the min. for the gram-per-bodyweight for protein. I've been stuck on fat for a long time, cause, well, it's delicious, dammit. I don't want to have to count like this forever but honestly it's all I know to keep me from binging. And maybe the drawing. It's totally more of a brain thing, because for the meatballs I ate as a snack and the leftover meatza for dinner...I have no idea how many calories are in those. But I guess I'm close.
    (eff off, leftover eating disorder, just die)

    activity - lots of walking, to bus stop, around work, from bus stop. not much else!

    Here is my little doodle for the day.

    I forgot to write 12pm for the end of the IF. not too bad!

    Went to the best-bakery-ever-coffeeshop with my boyfriend to do homework. Since the advent of The Dread That Is Grad School, it has been fairly common for me to eat a cookie as big as my head AND a latte. after dinner. ugh! I have been really good about the sweets since Christmas, because I really overdid it on Christmas (as usual). Tonight I just had two herbal teas. herbal teas! life in the fast lane! *dances on table*

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    over on calories but still primal. I did have some walnuts today. I generally get too busy with cleaning, homework, stuff...on the weekend to count. i know counting isn't the best, most sane thing to do but, well, again, it's what i know. sometimes i'm positive that not counting on the weekend is all that's keeping me from progressing. or.

    i am thinking of doing the whole 30 in march, or at some point ...
    ... i'm in a really good relationship but he's not interested in any of this. and we live together. he does not read, and he is an endurance cyclist, and he is basically married to beer. since it's been raining (and since a lot of other excuses/reasons) he hasn't been riding at all but continues the carb-crap diet. i'm trying not to bombard him with information unless he specifically asks me about something, but even then it's hard to explain this entire framework that i've been reading about for almost two years. love him, but i can't change him, and nothing i say can convince him to do anything -- in my experience pressuring someone into change or even coming off as slightly nagging are counterproductive and have the opposite effect. so i cook us dinner, and he eats it, with beer, with snacks - and the cookies from last week, etc. we go out to eat a lot.

    what i'm trying to get around to is...i can do the whole 30 but it's going to be difficult. but it's also going to be only 30 days and i think it will help me to get out of a lot of little crutches - cream in my coffee, too much coffee, cheese for the sake of cheese...and just grazing too much overall.
    i've been difficult things before but avoiding bad foods is not one of them. avoiding bad foods is something i was really good at for a really long time - but habits and happiness and not standing firm on principles are easier right now.

    there, head, i think i just showed you!!
    whole 30 in march. i am writing it here, and i will do it, support network be damned.

    for dinner tonight i made another everydaypaleo recipe - beef stew, with CSA box carrots and celery and i added some fennel because we cannot get enough of the fennel. i almost want a csa box full of nothing but fennel and kale. for breakfast today i had 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, and kale. snacked on the walnuts, and some coconut, cocoa mass, and very few dried cherries.

    that is all, and i should be sleeping, but i drank too much coffee

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    Oh, god, your illustration of you day is FANTASTIC. I like the happy little face on the fish. and on the meatballs? Well done indeed!

    (also: I'm doing the Whole 30 in March--with butter, though.)
    Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. (Thoreau)

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    yes, all food needs faces! lol
    I haven't done any drawings all weekend because I suck, but I'll do some this week.

    .....and the whole30.
    I'm going to commit to it, starting March 1.

    I need to.

    random vomiting of stream of consciousness follows:

    I'm still working on my exact plan, today was a total bust for all things primal, pretty much. I'm 99% sure this was due to too little sleep, and that was due to too much coffee - so maybe one of my huge goals for the whole30 is to cut the fricken coffee! or at least cut back on it. It is mostly a vehicle for cream and stevia. I am pretty sure hot tea in the morning will get me to the bus stop just as well as coffee will, anyway. the reliance on coffee is psychological and due to poor time management/too little sleep, which I'm also going to work on.

    Otherwise I'm doing the plan outlined on the whole30 site. I'm also going to cut nuts and coconut, because I overdo them. And although I have chocolate that is nothing but cocoa mass, that is also a no....because i overdo it! I'll write more tomorrow after I figure everything out. I ahve some other things I'd like to really focus on this month; I have a horrible all or nothing mentality and I think cleaning up my food and really taking it seriously will help me clean up all of the other loose ends I have right now.

    diary for today
    food: 2 eggs and some turkey meatballs for breakfast
    walked around for a little while
    and then we ate tacos for dinner. handmade corn tortillas and no cheese, and this is a little place that fries everything in lard still. as a "screw it all, i'm doing the whole30 in two days!" splurge, it wasn't the worst thing i could do
    - but - then I had a latte and a cookie. i am not going to lie i thoroughly enjoyed everything except breakfast, and i'm certainly awake and in a better mood now. but i will feel like crap tomorrow morning. and i will be very ready to get the whole30 rolling on tuesday.

    my brain was being a spoiled 3-year-old for most of the day. hi, sleep-deprived.

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    Today was an experiment.
    I had some almonds...and a blueberry muffin...for breakfast. And cream of potato soup...with corn bread....for lunch. I know this stuff is bad for me and messes with me, and I know I just set myself back quite a few days with those two meals. But, I feel like it was good to do. Right after the muffin I was exhausted and still hungry. My sinuses are dried up, I feel like I need to brush my teeth 600 times, my breath stinks, I'm burpy and farty, and I feel like I just filled my stomach with glue. Thankfully, my joints are fine (if I overdo gluten too much the joints go crazy) but I'm really seriously bloated and just feel gross. I started eating primally about 5 weeks ago, but I wasn't 100% conscientious about moderating foods that should be moderated.

    I'm excited to start the whole30 tomorrow, despite what those two meals indicate!
    For dinner we're going to have some of the last few packaged foods from the freezer that have sugar in them - chicken skewers and a curry, thanks Trader Joes (at least it's not HFCS?)

    I want to say "oh, some safflower mayo or dark chocolate or stevia is ok" but then what's the point of committing to the whole30??
    I really want to do this to remind myself the following:
    what it feels like to have lifestyle standards and to stick with them, no matter how stressful other things are - food shoudl not be my stress relief!
    to see how my body reacts to stripping all of the crap out, again.

    I let stress take over, and I let social anxiety take over (even on the internet!), and I use food as a coping mechanism. I did it this morning, nervous about starting the whole30 and thinking I "deserved" junk food because I'm going to clean up tomorrow. It's just food. If I'm eating the right stuff, it should satiate and not put me in a weird non-stress high. I've been getting grumpy lately due to lack of sleep and lack of that high, I think, and I need to learn to eat without flooding my system with insulin.

    Things that don't have to do with food....I'm going to work out with weights 2x a week, and sprint at least once. This is not hard, this is not impossible, and this will fit with my ridiculous, loathsome school/work schedule. Ideally I want, by the end of the month, to get to a point where I'm managing my time well enough that I can work out in the morning before work - this will require me to get to bed pretty early, which means no dinner with my bf, but I guess I can still cook for us and sit with him when he does get home.
    he gets home 3 hours later than me. we really should invest in a microwave as much as i hate the idea. but, eating earlier will cut down on my grazing-until-dinner, too.

    And along those lines: the spare bedroom I use as an office/closet/workout room needs some work. we have an outside area too but it's just easier to do inside, and this spare room is currently a HUGE mess. it is messing with my brain. I need to go through and sort through the clothes I don't wear and it makes me feel like an episode of hoarders. clearing this out and keeping it clear, i think, will be more substantial than clearing out my diet, really.

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    day 1 of the whole 30!
    I guarantee I will not stay this enthusiastic (well, not easily, anyway!)

    I took some measurements yesterday, all inflamed and gluten-heavy, but here they are:
    waist (at belly button) 34.5"
    upper arms 13"
    hips (butt/largest part) 39.5"
    thighs 23"
    bust 35"
    waist (narrowest part) 28.5"

    I threw out all my notebooks from the first time I got lean, but I do remember my thighs were 19" and my waist was hovering around 23. eek.

    I was still very bloaty from yesterday this morning and have gotten used to not really doing breakfast before work anyway...had 2 12oz mugs of coffee with a little bit of coconut oil. I've seen a couple people write that they put coconut oil in their coffee - for me, all it did was make a mess on the top of my coffee, ugh. I think I'll try cinnamon next time. Is there some trick to getting the coconut oil to mix well with the coffee? Would it be insane to put coconut flakes in with the coffee grounds?! lol! I'll try that one of these days.

    Lunch - I honestly was still not very hungry, but had a chicken breast on greens. There were sesame seeds on the chicken but I'm trying to avoid nuts and snacking on them - so I'm not counting that

    I feel like I'm doing a lot of justifying already

    I had two hard boiled eggs and some carrots and celery after I got home but before I walked to the store. Inadvertently, I kind of did a mini-WOW (and then totally forgot I wanted to weigh the grocery bag when I got home). I walked home from work yesterday, almost 4 miles...this is from a huge university, 30k students or so, and there is literally no sidewalk for a huge stretch on two different roads. I didn't even think of it - I knew there was a bike lane but never realized the sidewalk just dissipates. No signs, nada, you're just stuck walking in the gutter or almost in a canyon. This city was made for cars.

    Dinner was very green:

    Broccoli, kale/braising mix, cabbage, and avocado from the farmer's market
    Chicken sausage from (i plead the fifth) Safeway (surprisingly, no rogue additives or nitrites)

    Right now I'm at 943 calories, but seriously, yesterday was over 2000. It's looking like natural calm and then bed. do not care if natural calm is in the whole 30 or not, robb wolf says its ok. neener neener. I just can't cram more food in this stomach, and I'm not going to get into it but I'm just going to say eating refined carbs yesterday & sunday really junked things up nicely.

    I have been thinking about how my brain has worked since getting chubby and a lot of it is attitude and poor self worth. Again, not getting into it, but I lost the me I had when I was about 23 and started to resign myself to being.....old and blah? iz not old and blah. I can do this and I will do this, and it will make me a better person. I can't go back to who I was, but I can take everything that I learned then and everything that I know now, and mash it all up with this pretty functional adult thing I have going on, and everything will be fine. There's some bagage and hoarding (mental and physical!) and I'm going to work on that, big time. Simpler is better, for food, for workouts, for general activity..simple works.
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    It's great that the non-Primal food right before the Whole 30 was such a reminder of why Primal is a better WOE! The Day 1 food photo looks delicious-- nom, avocado!
    Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. (Thoreau)

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    I'm going to write up some stuff quickly and then get to the homework; if I have time later I'll post calorie and pics and The Ridiculous Drawings

    activity: just walking, about an hour. not enough.

    IF from about 10pm - 11am
    breakfast - coffee. this time: with cinnamon. I forgot how awesome coffee with cinnamon is!! Still, could not make it through an entire mug.
    11am - leftover nitrite-free chicken sausage
    12:45 - can of tuna with 1/4 avocado
    4:00 - about 1/3 cup carrots
    6:30 - 3 stalks celery while cooking dinner
    7:00ish - leftover paleo beef stew over: cabbage, fennel, celery, onions, garlic..all cooked in coconut oil

    I posted the whole30 text and a page from robb wolf's site on the fridge for the bf to maybe notice. I've told him about it, but again with this stuff, I don't have luck evangelizing about it. I figure if he wants to read it he can.
    ...and he did! he said he would like to try it next month. Whether he does or not, he did read a little more in depth about paleo and wtf I'm trying to do here.

    feeling good today.
    stressed a little over this week, because work is just...argh...and I procrastinated on homework. The homework will all be over by Saturday and then I can get going on cleaning my office/weight room and that will eliminate 90% of the stress I have on weeknights...hopefully. by the end of this month I will be lifting in the morning, even if it's once during the week and once on Saturday. it's in print on a public forum. I will be requesting a public beating if I do not do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sibylsybil View Post
    It's great that the non-Primal food right before the Whole 30 was such a reminder of why Primal is a better WOE! The Day 1 food photo looks delicious-- nom, avocado!
    exactly!!! I'm still feeling it, but god, I do not want to eat anything but things-that-are-good-for-me, still!
    avocados..I have a slight addiction

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