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Thread: Sex, I figured it out

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    i know that feeling. i met my husband very young, so it was never a worry for me (i was 19 when i met him). but, i do think that by the time i was 22-24, i might have worked through the issues and gone ahead with the sort of fun amberlee is talking about. just going out and getting some.

    yeah, i think by then i might have gotten through it.

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    Friends with benefits is the way to go. You know them and you have the trust. Mine is the best. We love having sex with each other but are both too busy for a relationship. He's my 2 times a week boyfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadianwoman View Post
    I came across that movie a couple of months back on late night tv. That scene cracked me up.
    I'm glad you JUST recently seen this clip because i was gonna call you old... HA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keithallenlaw View Post
    I'm glad you JUST recently seen this clip because i was gonna call you old... HA!
    I am old. LOL. I'm 49. It's the new 20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MalPaz View Post
    Mmmmm, kinky tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
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    Quote Originally Posted by amberlee View Post
    Ok peoples, I might get outta here early to hit a bar and pick up some fun, I can't stand it!!
    and THAT is why i'm married. there's a man in the other room fast asleep who would happily get out of bed to satisfy my urges.

    mal- good for you for protecting yourself. i have nothing against casual, unattached sex, BUT if a person knows they're likely to become attached it makes sense to protect against that. i think just the fact that you're feeling a little randy might mean your fertility is returning.
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    Ah this thread is making me wish I hadn't had a row with my husband lol.

    You have sites like this in the states though right . Not the same as the real thing I know but still.
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    HA! I love this thread.

    Amberlee, I fully support giving into those urges of yours, what the hell is point in life if you can't just give into the moment and get it on from time to time.
    Mal, I really respect that you are holding out because you know you will grow attached; nothing is more bizzare to me than the women who use sex to force a dude into a relationship because they put so much meaning into a one night stand.
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    Awww man, I seriously need to find a reliable FWB...

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