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Thread: Campaign to get Trader Joes to carry REAL coconut milk!

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    Wow, perfect timing on this. I usually get my coconut milk from Sunflower Market or WF, but this week I only needed a TJ's trip so I picked up a can of the light for my smoothies until I could hit another market over the weekend. My smoothie this morning was just bland. No body to it, no fat. I was hungry by 9:00 a.m. I will email them now. Thanks.
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    Done! Power in numbers!
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    Just came from TJ's. They seem to have the lo/no fat bug. Even their full fat Greek yogurt has non-fat milk as an ingredient. I do like the goat's milk yogurt though.
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    Speaking of coconut milk, seems all the brands I buy now have all the liquid on the bottom. Even when I scoop it all into a blender, it will not blend. Don't really want to add water if I don't have to. I buy Thai Kitchen or Arroyo-D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonmamma View Post
    I already asked at mine; they told me there wasn't enough demand for it. Guess we need to be more demanding.
    Me too! I just sent them a nice note demanding the real stuff.
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    We have it on the East coast, NJ to be specific. They have it by the can or even in the cartons similar to orange juice cartons.

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    Mine has coconut cream (with weird ingredients) and the light coconut milk.
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