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Thread: More carbs if you know you're going to run long?

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    More carbs if you know you're going to run long?

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    According to the PB, is okay to take in more carbs than you normal would prior to long run (5 - 10 miles)?

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    you can eat extra carbs anytime you all depends on your goals. having a sweet potato before a 10k or greater run is probably a good idea for energy reasons, but some people can eat more carbs fairly often and not see a lot of weight gain.

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    I do okay with 100g of carbs a day and running a 5 miler. But doing 10 miles I would definitely advise a bit more carbs and like primalrob said maybe throw in a sweet potatoe. The difference between a 5 and 10 miler is pretty huge especially if you are tinkering with VLC.
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