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Thread: Beginner Needs Guidance!!

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    Beginner Needs Guidance!!

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    Hello all,

    I am as new as it gets to primal eating and lifestyle and have a couple questions.
    My main goal is to lose weight while becoming healthy(who's isn't). I know i need to drop carbs out as much as i can, and after reading some other posts it looks like i wanna stay away from fruit for a little while as well. I like all meats and most veg's...but have no idea of how they rank up..which should i target most, least, or not at all. Also for meals how would a smoothie of whey protien, ice, and water treat me...i have done these before.
    Im heading out the door and this is a little rushed, but any and all help would be greatly appreciated, also any other tips would be awesome...thanks

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    Personally, I would rather go without than use protein supplements as a meal replacement. Although, I am aware Mark uses them himself, so that's a choice you will have to make.

    Focus your meals around grass fed meats with green, leafy vegetables using good fats or oils for cooking. I can't emphasise enough how beneficial it would be for you as a newbie to get a copy of Mark's Primal Blueprint book.

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    I am quite new to this too.

    I dont do protein drinks etc, as I prefer real food. I did 3 very low carb days (protein and fats only) to kick start things and then I have settled to just meat and the usual vegis.

    I have no more than 3 nuts a day....I need to slim down a lot....and I dont eat fruit. I keep snacks, meat cubes, boiled eggs etc in the fridge along with salad and in particular coleslaw which I love. I have a small amount of mayo, and eat butter and have cream in my tea.

    I like many have had to ignore the weight (the scales are in the shed now) and go on size. I lost a lot of weight very quickly at the beginning but lately have remained the same. BUT yesterday I went to the second hand shop to buy a pair of jeans that would stay up! I have decided I don't care what I weigh, but i do want to BE smaller. (For the record I have moved down to a size 16 from an 18 or 20)

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