I have some questions about meat. I've been looking around and lurking on the forums since January, and I have seen references here to the importance of Omega 6/3 balance, inflammation, etc. I'm trying to lose weight (have lost 11 pounds since I started here 1/3/2011! Thanks!), and want to make sure I do this the right way.

I don't fear fat; PB is working. But meat eating is new to me. I have been cautiously dipping into the meat pool, choosing what I think is the cleanest meat a bit at a time with the help of the meat manager at my local food co-op. So far it is local pastured chicken, Alaskan salmon, and local bacon (Mmm...bacon. A recent NPR story conceded that bacon is the vegetarian "gateway meat." How true, how true.).

I was a vegetarian for 10+ years until I hit your site, so the switch has been a bit of a shock to my husband (still a veghead), and I think bringing in a steak might send him over the edge at this point, but I have access to clean meat (a very progressive small city in the midwest), so beef and pork are in my future, it's just a matter of when.

The questions then: What is the best meat? How much? How do Omegas play into this? What would an optimal weekly mix of meats, nuts, eggs, and dairy look like?

BTW, I have the book and I have read around here a lot, but a summary of meat and how to choose it for all of this (weight loss, Omegas, cleanliness, PB, etc.) might be helpful for someone who is meat-ignorant like me.