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Thread: Another Welshy

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    Hey there,

    I don't know how many Welsh Groks there are on this board, I've seen at least one. I've been reading MDA for about a year and trying (and failing, at times) to eat well for about as long.

    I became interested in fitness about two or three years ago, started working out but never really got very far (although I went up from a scrawny little 8.5 stone boy at 18 to.. well, I hit 10 stones at 19, I dunno where I am now). I started on the myprotein forum, and was inspired by a poster called Ripped Caveman who was eataing a paleo diet, I looked it up and eventually ended up here.

    I was never looking to lose weight or anything, just to be a bit fitter and stronger, I think I'm now succeeding there after following MDA and various other low carb, high fat "paleo" resources.

    Anyway, I've gone on long enough! Just saying hi, and if there's anyone in Wales then.. well, I suppose it's enough to know I'm not alone!

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    Hi Joslionel

    I'm not Welsh but I'm from the Wrirral wich is next to North Wales and my sister and bf are paleo and they live just inside Wales...near Clocaenog I think. We go walking in that forest.


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    Hi Joslionel - I'm a Swansea boy originally althought I haven't lived there for years... now living (not far from Tishka) in Ellesmere Port, venturing into the land of the gogs every now and again for rides around their nice land.

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