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Thread: Enough Fat?

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    Enough Fat?

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    Here's what I eat almost every day:

    Breakfast: 3-egg omelette with sausage and onion, three bacon strips, coffee
    Lunch: BAS (spinach, tomato, avocado, peppers, onions, carrots, olive oil, vinegar)
    Dinner: Usually meat, sometimes with a smaller version of the BAS on the side

    I don't think I'm getting enough fat. I don't snack and I do a 24-hour fast on Tuesdays. Is there value in adding a spoonful of coconut oil to the mix? Any other suggestions?


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    Hey John,

    I'd agree with you that you're not getting enough fat, remember the bulk of your calories should be coming from fat (upwards of 50%, maybe more depending on who's writing on here ).

    Cooking your meat in butter or coconut oil is an easy way to add it to the mix. And I see you're missing meat from your lunch too, not that you have to eat meat at each meal but if you were cooking of a little meat in butter/coconut oil to go on the salad you could then poor the juices over your salad too. It adds lots of flavour to the salad dressing

    Do you do dairy? How about some whipped cream and berries, or coconut cream or milk?

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