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Thread: Experimenting and Recording

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    Experimenting and Recording

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    Robb Wolf talks a lot about experimenting and seeing how you feel and perform. I have been playing around with carbs between 20g-70g for about 2 weeks, and have felt okay. No weight loss, but bloating is down and someday's I feel leaner (depends on bloating).Feel a little more tired than usual. My question is how long do you guys typical "test" something. 4, 6, 8 12 weeks? And what sort of things do you record? Right now I write down how I slept, meal times, water intake, bowel movements and take notes of if I feel bloated, nauseas etc. I have been recording my weight but I see no change so I don't think its a great indicator.

    My goals are leaness and crossfit performance. Am on a strength bias program right now and have been keeping metcons 2-3x week max under 12mins. I read Mat Lalondes post on his experiment with low carb and his results, but I have also read many posts that low carb doesnt work for everyone, and that some people need more carbs to lean out and perform. Just want to make sure I give myself a fair shot because ditching it because it "didnt work."


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    ^^ I really want to know this too. Good questions
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